FINsix Refashions the Bulky World of Laptop Adapters With Its’ 65 Watt Portable Solution Called Dart

If there’s one branch of electronics that’s been on a constant ride of evolution for the past few years, it has to be the chargers. The world having become a gigantic ensemble of smart devices (2.2 billion units to be shipped by 2017, as predicted by IDC) is quite in need of these additional power boosters without which this automated lifestyle will run into a mess. Now, when it comes to keeping your automated lifestyle juiced up with power around the clock, one important criteria you’d always want your smart gadget chargers to fulfill is portability. Wherever you go, be it on a trekking trip or just an everyday travel to work, you prefer chargers that are easy to carry and are super efficient in terms of functionality exactly like your gadgets.

We’ve seen a lot of such portable chargers for smartphone/tablets recently but as far as your laptops are concerned, alas, the resolution is still that bulky adapter! Neither can you avoid carrying it nor is it a pleasure to have inside your bags. No matter how cool and portable your laptop is, it’s this one hefty brick which torments the hell out of you everytime you think of stepping out with your laptops. But thanks to the wonderful team of MIT graduates from FINsix, all this will soon become a lost chapter in tech history. Using Very High Frequency power conversion as enabled by patented MIT technology, these super individuals have actually shrunken your bulky laptop adapter into a tiny pocketable device called Dart.

Laptop Adapters Now a Shrunken Beauty

Dart is without a doubt the smallest and lightest laptop adapter the world has ever seen till date. By small and light, I mean 4X smaller and 6X lighter than the standard adapters you have. Being at a power of 65W, it’s the classic counterpart you could have for your lightweight laptops. But the best feature lies in the fact that Dart isn’t just a laptop adapter. The additional USB port (2.1A/10.5 watts) makes it quite an admirable solution to charge both your laptops and USB gadgets while on the go. Having all your electronics powered is now a matter of possessing a single charger, just one piece of Dart. It’s the perfect travel gadget we have been craving to have in our pockets for years and now through this one striking piece of electronics, our final encounter with those hefty adapters seems to be coming close.

FINsix portable laptop adapter

The Dart has been made compatible with most of the major PC brands across the world that operate under the power level of 65 watts (you can find the list here). However, the standard Dart is not compatible with Macbook users. But the team has managed to present a separate Dart for Macbook which uses an off-the-shelf Apple adapter to get the connector. Though the cost of these Darts are slightly higher than the standard ones, it’s still worth a buy because of the high potential in efficient charging that the device has to offer. But for 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pro users, Dart is still not compatible as these require >65W for charge speeds. Hard luck but let’s just hope things to be on the brighter side in the coming years for these users too.

1000X Faster Power Conversion

The real magic behind this smart adapter lies in the technology behind it which has radically transformed the sturdy AC/DC power converters into a tiny device. The VHF platform used helps in increasing the switching frequency and maintain efficiency at the same time. While discussing on this, the team has mentioned on Kickstarter saying, “At FINsix, our technology allows us to waste far less energy with each cycle. Thus, we can cycle up to 1000x faster without wasting any more energy than a conventional power converter. Cycling faster means we can transfer a smaller packet of energy to each cycle – and make the power converter a lot smaller.” That truly makes this useful gadget not be a heated monster sitting in your bags unlike your old adapters that have been wasting tons of energy as heat all this time.

Dart Laptop Adapter

Built of brushed aluminium and coming in striking colors (Blue, Magenta, Silver, Gunmetal, or Orange), Dart has already been acclaimed as one of the best innovations this year at CES 2014. Also, the massive success it has gained from its ongoing Kickstarter campaign clearly shows the popularity its had amongst the mainstream audience today. After all, this is a glimpse of the future where there lies no end to living a perfectly synced mobile lifestyle. Currently, the early bird Darts having been sold out, you could now have your hands on the next set for $89 and Dart for Macbook at $168. With one stylish adapter perfectly fitting your lifestyle, the world now seems to be DARTing towards a new horizon of techspirational living. Happy Gadgeting!

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