FlexSafe+ Is the Secure Way to Store Your Travel Essentials

FlexSafe+ Is the Secure Way to Store Your Travel Essentials

Going on summer vacation is all about kicking back and relaxing in the sun. But you may find it difficult to relax, knowing that your passport and wallet are left unprotected. You might get lucky, burying this stuff under your towel — but one day, that technique is going to bite you in the butt. The FlexSafe+ Smart Travel Safe offers far better peace of mind. This compact bag is alarmed, virtually impossible to cut into, and resistant to water. Plus, it blocks RFID signals to prevent invisible crime.

– Small safe can be taken anywhere, with audio alarm to stop theft

– Five layers of protection, including nylon, RFID-blocking material, 3mm EVA, slash-resistant material

– Built-in solar power bank can be used to charge phone and other devices

Remarkable Protection

Your favorite destination might seem like the perfect paradise, but most tourist towns are actually hotbeds of crime. Folks on vacation tend to be less careful with their belongings. People are having fun, not thinking about the dark underworld. Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to steal from someone who is bobbing around in the sea.

Rather than leaving security to chance, you can store your most precious items in FlexSafe+. This portable safe is seriously tough and almost impossible to steal without causing a scene. In addition, the bag protects your electronics from the elements and even offers backup USB power.

[tweet_box]The FlexSafe+ Smart Travel Safe is seriously tough and almost impossible to steal without causing a scene[/tweet_box]

Secured by a combination lock clasp, the safe offers five layers of protection. On the outside, 1680D denier nylon shrugs off water. The next layer down is made from slash-proof material, and then 3mm EVA adds some rigidity.

FlexSafe travel essentials

The fourth layer blocks RFID chips, as used by contactless payment terminals. This stops anyone charging your card without your knowledge. Finally, you get another layer of durable nylon for the interior. You would need to turn up with a chainsaw to get through that lot.

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Total Lockdown

Of course, we all know that you have to steal the safe before trying to crack it. Those are just the ABCs of any movie-based education. Unfortunately for real-world criminals, FlexSafe+ has this covered.

Before leaving the bag, you fold the top flap around something immovable — your sun lounger, for instance. It works like a bike lock, except there is no cable to cut.

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In addition, FlexSafe+ has its own alarm. If anyone tries to take your stuff, the safe will start yelling. Therefore, you could safely leave the bag in your hotel room. Likewise, it’s great for insecure dorm rooms and camping trips.

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Travel Essentials

Aside from security, FlexSafe+ has one more neat trick: it comes with a solar backup battery pack. While you walk around town or lie in the sun, this device is soaking up power.

FlexSafe+ Is the Secure Way to Store Your Travel Essentials

Whenever your phone runs out of juice, you can simply hook it up to the power bank. It beats trekking back to your hotel room.

“The Patented FlexSafe+ is loaded with features. It’s made from ULTRA cut and slash-resistant materials, has a motion sensor alarm system, a waterproof solar charger, and more.  Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, this is where you lock up your valuables.“ — FlexSafe+ on IndieGoGo

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What We ❤️

A truly safe place to store your valuables at the pool or while you throw a football around.

Future Designs

Bluetooth tracking would make a great addition to the already huge list of features.


– IndieGoGo: Until July 2017

– Pledge: $89

– Delivery: November 2017

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