This mess-free food holder will make eating with your hands so much cleaner

Tired of getting your hands greasy every time you stop for a sandwich? And what about those loose sugar crystals that fall off your favorite doughnut while you eat it? You can avoid these food hangups with the Burger Buddy mess-free food holder. Check out this product story to see how this gadget can keep you clean and healthy.

This mess-free food holder will make eating with your hands so much cleaner
Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder in color options

You love burgers, but they sure can make a mess, especially if you reach for that extra patty and add a burger sauce or two. Then, you’re likely to have burger juice dripping down your hands and onto your forearms whenever you take a bite. It’s a delicious but rather uncomfortable situation. You can avoid it with a kitchen gadget like the Burger Buddy mess-free holder. This food holder holds your food snug so that your hands stay clean.

The Burger Buddy boasts a collapsable, patent-pending design with an elastic gasket that provides a reactive force when the Burger Buddy expands. It then exerts a compressive force to keep your food steady in the holder. Made to be dishwasher-safe with BPA-free silicone, this food holder complies with the latest standards. And its selection of bright hues in Ocean Blue, Sunset Orange, Majestic Pink, and Premium Grey makes this food accessory a fun addition to your kitchen tools collection.

A sandwich holder that has a comfortable grip

I already mentioned this product’s elastic gasket keeps food in place. But that’s not all this food holder does. The Burger Buddy also boasts an ergonomic form that makes it easy to grasp. The u-shaped notch exposes the maximum amount of food while giving the user plenty of support. And when you’re almost done, you can squeeze or push the bottom of the Burger Buddy to eat the last third of your sandwich, avoiding unnecessary contact. So with this gadget, you can eat finger food without ever actually touching it with your fingers.

A versatile eating accessory

But the Burger Buddy isn’t just for burgers. You can use it for pretty much hand-held food that’s circular, including bagels, doughnuts, English muffins, breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and more. Often, you get these foods from your favorite shops on the way to work or while you’re running errands. And it’s while you’re out that you want to eliminate as much mess as possible. That’s why this food holder makes so much sense.

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder with a child

This sandwich holder is a hygienic way to eat

And you know what else makes sense? Keeping your hands clean while you eat. Because let’s face it, eating with your hands makes you susceptible to transferring germs from your hands to your mouth and vice versa. When you place your food inside a convenient holder, however, you lose the point of transmission: your hands—and are less likely to get yourself or others sick. So it’s a pretty cool gadget that keeps you healthy.

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder in a child’s hand

This hygienic product is adaptive

If you have a disability that involves the hands, such as Parkinson’s or Arthritis, this food holder can help you get a better grip on your food and prevent drops. It’s also excellent for children who enjoy eating hand-held food but don’t yet have the fine motor control to grasp large, bulky sandwiches. The creators of this product believe that everyone should enjoy good food, and they help make it possible with their invention that adapts to many needs.

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder in a girl’s hand

A kitchen utensil that’s easy to clean

Don’t worry; you won’t have to handwash this kitchen gadget. Its inventors have wisely constructed it from a dishwasher-safe material so that you can use it every day without the hassle of having to wash it with soap and a sponge. And if you prefer to hand wash, that’s fine too. The Burger Buddy has an ultra-smooth inner surface that makes wiping up sauces and crumbs super easy.

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder with children playing a game

This gadget is self-balancing

Another great thing about the Burger Buddy is its self-balancing feature. This design element lets you set this gadget on its side to display all the layers of your food. So if you want to present a lovely BLT in all of its glory to your kids, you can do so with this food holder.

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder

Burger Buddy Mess-Free Holder with friends outside

Burger Buddy is an eco-friendly food item

People use about two to three paper napkins every time they eat a burger. But if you don’t have to touch your burger in the first place, napkin-use becomes a moot point. So each time you use this food holder, you’re cutting down on the waste that’s pouring into our landfills and oceans. It’s a great step toward a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

The Burger Buddy mess-free holder eliminates mess and gives you a hygienic way to eat handheld foods. Everyone loves a good burger or sandwich. And with this food holder, you can enjoy them without the mess. This product is also great for kids and people who have difficulty eating with their hands. Overall, it’s a well-conceived idea and one that’s sure to make hand-held eating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

The Burger Buddy mess-free holder costs $6.56, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter.

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