Foodini’s 3D Printer Fosters the Usage of Healthy Ingredients in Your Everyday Culinary Ventures

When microwaves had first made its appearance way back in the late ‘60s, it was nothing less than a revolution for the food world. Just like every other far-reaching idea faces hesitance from the mass initially, this had also been under the same circumstances back then. Fast forward to over five decades and today we see how this technology has dramatically changed our lives. There’s hardly a kitchen now which hasn’t enjoyed the pleasures of a microwave oven. It’s quick, reliable and unlike any other cooking device, requires the least amount of input from its users. But what makes it vulnerable at times is when we tend to use prepackaged food comprising of unhealthy additives as microwave meals. Eventually this leads to nothing but our degrading health status. That’s exactly the area of living Natural Machines have been eager to solve with their 3D Printing masterpiece since 2012. Their ultimate aim lies in launching a kitchen gadget that will not only flaunt your cooking space with its’ marvelous design but will also make healthy eating hassle-free. Welcome Foodini!

Say Goodbye To Fake Foods

This isn’t the first time 3D Printing has tried entering the food industry. But what makes Foodini stand out is the way it approaches towards developing a culinary culture of its own with high-end technology. It is not a 3D Printer restricted to printing one particular genre of food or ingredients in order to operate perfectly. Instead, this is one unique piece of innovation which has a holistic outlook in preparing hearty meals. All that it wants to do is bring healthy food on your plate without making you spend long hours in the kitchen. Lynette Kucsma, a Foodini cofounder, had told Mashable in an email, “Foodini’s main purpose is to take on the difficult and/or time-consuming parts of food preparation that often discourage people from creating homemade food, whether it’s in a home kitchen or a restaurant.” Thus, every delicious time-consuming food ranging from raviolis to chocolate cookies can now be prepared in no time with Foodini’s intelligent printer. The bonus being the internal library of shapes and designs that can turn your simple cookies into dinosaurs from the jurassic era or spider webs and a lot more. A true useful gadget for those who love smart cooking but in a delicious way.

Foodini 3D printed food

Designed for both home and professional kitchens, Foodini concentrates on bringing back healthy ingredients in our everyday meals which often gets neglected because of the less time we get to spend in the kitchen. From savory to sweet, Foodini is programmed to print fresh ingredients and create hearty meals just when you need them. Neither are you driven towards buying fake food in order to save time, nor are you forced to buy pre-filled food capsules. Infact, Foodini takes the question mark that may arise amongst food consumers on 3D printing food and shows the world how to live a healthy life with nourished meals. It is undoubtedly bringing “real food” from the 3D printing arena.

From Savories to Sweet Dishes, Foodini Prints With Design

One of the most interesting aspects of this kitchen appliance is the way it can print visually appealing food apart from the normal cuisine we stick to everyday. This could actually be a boost for chefs and food designers who believe in presenting their recipes with art. The device operates simply from the in-built touchscreen which has a clean interface that takes you through the entire process of printing easily. Starting from the integrated application that connects users to an online community of Foodini recipes shared by others, you can easily craft your printing layout depending on the recipe you choose to make. Once chosen, the printer will automatically direct you towards filling the capsules with the necessary ingredients. You could opt for different shapes, sizes and layouts of your dish from the printer’s own library of design post which it starts printing the recipe all by itself. If you’d prefer to make your own recipe creation through Foodini, you could do that too and upload your creation on the Foodini community for others to see. You need not be on the device’s touchscreen all the time, your tablets or smartphones can help you with the browsing as well. The time taken for printing, however, depends on the ingredients, recipe and quantity of food you’re preparing.

Foodini 3D printer provides healthy eating solutions

That being the functionality of the device, Foodini also stands apart in terms of its hardware looks and design. We’ve seen a lot of modern kitchen gadgets from coffee brewers to hot chocolate makers that looks stunning apart from being extremely useful at work. But Foodini is like a piece of art you’d love to showcase on your kitchen tops. 3D printing food may seem to be a strange idea you still aren’t confident about but science has always been surprising us in every sphere of life since the beginning. Maybe, the next big thing happening in food is Foodini. Though priced high ($2000 for early-access, $1,200 for first mass-production, $999 for second mass-production), this kitchen appliance is already doing wonders on Kickstarter. Let’s just hope healthy eating doesn’t leave our lives anymore with Foodini there. Happy Gadgeting!

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