Fulfillrite – A Reliable One-Stop Solution for Ecommerce or Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment

Fulfillrite – A Reliable One-Stop Solution for Ecommerce or Crowdfunding Order Fulfillment

After having had the opportunity to feature over 3000 crowdfunding campaigns, we can say that the real challenge of any crowdfunding campaign starts after their funding process is over. Where many soar high in the beginning with extraordinary project concepts, many do fail when it comes to delivering their planned rewards to their backers on time. This brings us down to one conclusion – Shipping is not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you’re into crowdfunding, not considering this sector or order fulfillment of primary importance will cost you a downfall in credibility. You definitely can’t go for that. Instead, what you can do is try your hands on an outsourced order fulfillment platform like Fulfillrite. Having been there in the industry since 2009, their order fulfillment services can surely help your crowdfunding campaign streamline and grow.

Fulfillrite Ecommerce Order Fulfillment service

Affordable Solution for Crowdfunding Project Creators

Since we are concentrating more on crowdfunding campaigns out here, the first question that might come to your mind is whether you can really spend on an outsourced order fulfillment platform at all? We know that crowdfunding project creators mostly run on a restricted budget and to spend on outsourcing is often not affordable for them. But the team at Fulfillrite is quite dedicated to help crowdfunding campaigns. When asked on this in a recent interview with Cliqist, Charlie from the team had said, “Yes we offer deeply discounted fulfillment rates specially for crowdfunding projects and free storage for all campaign for the duration of the project itself (1-months), as well we pass along our negotiated discounted shipping rates with USPS and FedEx to help them further save and be able to keep profits and continue growing…” To consider Fulfillrite just another order fulfillment platform after hearing that would surely be an understatement. These guys go an extra mile to deliver your products as fast as possible and at rates you can afford even when your budget is restricted.

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Great Location Close to Major Carrier Hubs

Located in the in Lakewood, New Jersey which is close to the major carrier hubs (UPS and FEDEX) as well as the Port Newark-Elizabeth and New York Marine Terminals and the three major airports, Fulfillrite ensures to be quick enough to get your products to your customers. That could happen on the same day if the orders are placed by 1 pm EST. If you run an ecommerce store, Fulfillrite has the option of giving you real-time order or inventory data too. In fact, they have already partnered with most famous ecommerce giants such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Amazon, Celery, Magento, Etsy and more. On using the Fulfillment app on Shopify, Vimcheatsheet.com had to say, “Fulfillrite’s Shopify Order Fulfillment App is hassle-free to use, and their service is top-notch! When it comes to order fulfillment, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but Fulfillrite helped me through every step of the process.”

Teamed Up with BackerKit

If you are still not convinced with the genuinity of this platform and how fast it works, the fact that it has already partnered with BackerKit for the past two years will definitely enhance the assurance. With both of these websites working hand in hand, you can be sure to pace up your project delivery timeline. While Backerkit does the initial backer management and handling process, it’s Fulfillrite who makes the entire shipping process a breeze. Considering their strong foothold in the shipping industry for quite some time now, this platform can truly do wonders to your crowdfunding campaign. Shipping orders on time won’t be a tough ask anymore!

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