15 Futuristic tech gadgets you can actually buy this year

Here at Gadget Flow, we love the tech of the future. But do you know what we love even more? Futuristic tech that you can buy right now. Because no one really likes waiting around for things to release, do they? Check out the products in this roundup. They combine the tech of tomorrow in gadgets that are available today.

15 Futuristic tech gadgets you can actually buy this year
Boston Dynamics Spot Intelligent Robot Dog Picking Up a Can from the Table

We’ve seen Boston Dynamics robots do exquisite things for quite some time, but now in 2020 you can buy one for real. Or there’s the Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard that you can buy now to travel up to 16 miles in the water on a single charge. This year’s seen quite a few new gadgets that have commendable technologies. And the good news is that you can order them now!

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With these products, you won’t have to wait for days, weeks, or even years for the launch to happen. These 15 future tech gadgets are available for purchase right now. Some are rather pricy, but considering that mind-blowing technologies back them, we understand. Check out this post to discover more and begin your week with a glimpse of the future.

Blync VR Bike Controller

We’ve been writing a lot about the Blync VR Bike Controller lately, but it’s perfect for this list. With this gadget, you can bike through beautiful virtual environments right in your living room. You can even switch between first-person and third-person view.

Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine

The Hydrow Connected Rowing Machine is another of our favorite tech gadgets. This workout machine will give you a total-body workout at home. Best of all, you can even take live classes from instructors who are in a studio or rowing on the water.

Nreal Light U+ Real Glass Mixed Reality Glasses

These Nreal Light U+ Real Glass Mixed Reality Glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, unlike most MR glasses. Best of all, you can wear them just as you would regular sunglasses. You won’t feel like you have an electronic device on your face.

Embodied, Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot

Help your child learn through play with the Embodied, Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot. This development Robot acts as a child’s friend and teacher. It uses play-based learning techniques to help kids gain social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Handjet EBS-260 Handheld Anywhere Printer

You’ll be able to print on almost anything with the Handjet EBS-260 Handheld Anywhere Printer, which is another of our favorite future tech gadgets. This handheld printer can print on wood, cement, plastic, and more.

Atmoph Window 2 Smart Wall Scenery Display

If you have a windowless room, you’ll want to check out the Atmoph Window 2 Smart Wall Scenery Display. This digital window lets you choose from among 1,000 stunning views to look at as you go about your day. It even displays photos you’ve taken from your phone.

Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard

You’ll be able to travel up to 16 miles on a single charge with the Yujet Surfer Jet-Powered Surfboard. And it can reach up to 25 mph, a speed that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s excellent for exploring the water and, with its electric engine, requires nearly no maintenance.

Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap

Another of our favorite future tech gadgets is the Mudra Band Gesture Control Strap. Finally, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing just to manage your Apple Watch. That’s because this gadget lets you communicate with the watch via gesture. That’s right: you can now talk to your Apple Watch through hand signals.

Nabot AI Trainable Robot

Need extra help around the house? Consider getting the Nabot AI Trainable Robot. This robot can recognize objects and people. It can even take objects and move them with its arm. Plus, with its easy-to-use interface, this robot is an excellent start to writing code.

McLEAR Ring Contactless Payment Wearable

Make secure payments with another of our favorite future gadgets, the McLEAR Ring Contactless Payment Wearable. You can use this ring at any point of sale that accepts contactless payments. And, with its sleek design, this wearable is one you’ll feel proud to have on your hand.

Sony aibo Intelligent Dog Robot Pet

Just like a real dog, the Sony aibo Intelligent Dog Robot Pet can welcome you when you get home. You can also potty train, feed, and program custom actions for him. You’ll love how he moves, scratches, and shakes his head just like a real puppy.

Bluetti AC200 Portable Solar Power Station

You’ll get 2,000 W for use at home or outdoors, in your RV, and for emergencies with the Bluetti AC 200 Portable Solar Power Station. It boasts a range of ports: AC, DC, Type-C, USB, and wireless. It can also charge up to 17 devices at once. Recharge it in five ways: AC Solar, Car, generator, and lead-acid.

TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition Titanium Smartwatch

Discerning golfers will love the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition Titanium Smartwatch. It boasts a built-in GPS that will track your every move, and you can connect to the app for extended features. It will analyze your performance on over 40,000 golf courses around the world.

Boston Dynamics Spot Intelligent Robot Dog

One of the most impressive future tech gadgets is the Boston Dynamics Spot Intelligent Robot Dog. This robot dog moves over rugged terrain just like a real dog. No matter your industry, Spot can help you with difficult and dangerous tasks.

Boston Dynamics Spot Intelligent Robot Dog

Boston Dynamics Spot Intelligent Robot Dog on a Street

AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk

Change the way you work forever when you have the AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk. This height-adjustable desk is easy to control via the smartphone app. This sit-stand desk also monitors how long you’ve been sitting and reminds you when it’s best to move to a standing position.

We hope you enjoyed this list of some of our favorite futuristic tech gadgets. And we think you’ll agree with us that it’s great that these products are available this year. Because sometimes you want to buy something cool right away. Let us know which ones you’re adding to your wishlist in the comments.

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