Gadget Flow Announces Badges for Best Products

Gadget Flow Announces Badges for Best Products

At Gadget Flow, we know an awful lot about great products. In fact, we feature 12 amazing products from around the world every day. Even so, we sometimes come across products that really blow us away. This can be from innovation, design, or even sheer simplicity.

To separate and celebrate those upper echelon products, we’re announcing the Gadget Flow Badges.

Gadget Flow Awards - badges

Innovation Award
Only products with revolutionary advances, invention, and improvement will earn this coveted badge.

Best of 2017

This is the ultimate best-of list. It will be a compilation of all of our favorites from 2017.

Best of 2018
To prep for the next year, this badge is just like the previous. All of our favorites from the entire 2018 calendar year will earn this badge.

Best of the Month
Each month, the Gadget Flow team assembles the products that really stand out. This badge is updated every month.

Gadget Flow Announces Badges for Best Products

Best of CES
Arguably the best tech conference in the world, the Best of CES will showcase the best of our findings during our live coverage.

Best of IFA
Likewise, we’ll be on-site for the IFA conference and adorn the most eye-catching products with this badge.

Editor’s Pick
Far and few between, every product with this badge has been specially selected by yours truly, the Editor in Chief of Gadget Flow Ashley Timms.

The Favorite badge is earned only when a product is marked as a “Product We Love”.

Every product on our platform has the chance to earn a badge which will appear in the listing.

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