Gadget Flow Partners with Make48 to Make Ideas Come to Life

Gadget Flow Partners with Make48 to Make Ideas Come to Life

There is no greater joy in life than creating something new. Make48 gives you the opportunity to mold your ideas into a rigid shape and make them a reality in a short time frame. In this case, the time is restricted to 48 hours. It might sound crazy at first but never-seen-before products have actually come out in flying colors from this invent-a-thon. So, naturally, when the opportunity of working with these smart people came to us, we couldn’t help ourselves. The result – Gadget Flow became an official sponsor of Make48 2017.

Gadget Flow Partners with Make48 to Make Ideas Come to Life

So, What is Make48?

If we had to summarize the whole concept in a sentence, we’d say Make48 takes you from idea to execution in just 48 hours. From inventors to high school students, this show is for everyone who wants to bring their ideas to life. Call it circumstances or lack of motivation, many of us don’t get the opportunity to go out there and give our ideas a try. Without help, the entire process seems too complicated. That’s where Make48 steps in as a bridge and lets you cross the river of inhibitions to the other side.

Gadget Flow Partners with Make48 to Make Ideas Come to Life

This show challenges your inner creator and gives you a clear view of the bigger industry in those 48 hours. From designing a prototype to heading to an investor pitch, you need to do a lot of things before making your idea a mainstream business. Time is essential for fulfilling this dream. If you don’t do it faster, somebody else will. Make48 helps you understand this philosophy by putting you in the center of it. That’s exactly why we love this show. We feel it’s important for budding product manufacturers to get the bigger picture of the industry even before they enter it. By being a part of this weekend’s invent-a-thon, creators and inventors are able to do this in person.

Having a Global Impact

Make48 doesn’t stick to the creator community only. They have taken a step forward in making it a TV show for the public audience. This generates a lot of awareness to penetrate societal zones which are still not aware of this entire innovation industry. So, someone sitting back at home who has an outstanding idea can get inspired and learn more about the business perspective of things by watching this show. In addition, they also offer online competitions where inventors from across the globe can take part.

Gadget Flow Partners with Make48 to Make Ideas Come to Life

Let’s Go Through the Process

The process begins with the specifications of a challenge. This is given at the start of the 48 hours. A total of 17 teams need to come up with an idea, create a prototype, produce marketing materials, and develop a pitch within that time frame. At the end of the competition, three top inventions are chosen as the winners. Next, what follows is their penetration into the market.

As it says on their website,

The top three products will be re-designed by professional designers, have new prototypes created using state of the art technologies, and get marketing videos created by experienced marketing companies. This all culminates in a crowdfunding campaign where the new products are put before the public to see if they are viable.

The TV series is spread across a time frame of eight weeks to show this entire process.

Gadget Flow Partners with Make48 to Make Ideas Come to Life

Where Do We Fit In?

Good question. Being the crowdfunding supporters that we are, the purpose of this partnership is to increase the awareness of such a great concept. We will be marketing the innovation on this show in our community so that you get to know more about the awesome inventions displayed on this show. Coming September 2017, it’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to share your favorite team with us on social media or in the comments below (use hashtag: #gadgetflow).

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