Gadget Flow Year in Review and What’s Next for 2017

Gadget Flow Year in Review and What’s Next for 2017

After 82,317,297 newsletters, 22,376 Tweets, 2,688 Facebook posts, 38,427 pins and 18,200 cups of coffee, we have finally come to the end of another amazing year. In fact, it was our best year ever! In these months, we have discovered more than 4,800 new products, introduced 30 new categories, reached 265,000,000 people, got 203,182 new fans on Facebook, 148,387 retweets and 11,371,382 likes on our Facebook posts but also launched 18 platform updates and 12 app updates. That was all about the platform and our apps. In this one year, we have also grown as a team with six new members from across the globe. Our new 24/7 customer support team has sent 28,381 emails and replied to more than 9,670 live chat messages. Scaling a company is challenging and we couldn’t have done it without our fans and users, we are humble and thankful for everyone that spends even a second on our platform and apps. But our hunger is not over yet. We live by what Ronald E. Osborn had said, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Gadget Flow Year in Review and What’s Next for 2017

2016 Was Our Best Year Ever!

This year has been a big eye-opener for us. Every day, millions of people have been discovering products through our platform and it was a real achievement when we were considered as one of the big players in the e-commerce market of 2016 by The Next Web. It was an overwhelming experience and a clear indication for us that we are here to stay. Our mission has always been to simplify online product exploration and, by taking feedback from our users and customers, we have been dedicated to improving the overall user experience of our platform. So, here we are, all geared up for a fresh year with new challenges coming our way. Since we are nothing without our amazing users like you, this time we would love to give you a glimpse of everything awesome that’s coming up from us in 2017. ? ? ?

What’s Next?

We have some big plans for 2017 and we are sure that it’s going to be an exciting year for all of us. Let’s see what we have in store (more details coming up later in the year ?).

CES 2017

This year we won’t be just publishing a simple review of the products that will be announced at CES. We have partnered with Jessica Naziri to get you the latest product releases and real-time announcements directly from CES 2017; LIVE from Las Vegas ?! We’ll be interviewing makers and companies from the show floor and giving you a lot of updates throughout the event. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Gadget Flow VR

The VR industry is growing rapidly with a prediction of 171 million users by 2018. So, we have decided to build a VR version of Gadget Flow (beta version coming up in mid-2017). The purpose of our VR version is to help our users view products in 360-degrees and have a clear idea of what they would be like in real life. This VR version will be available for our iOS app at the beginning followed by our Android app.

More Video Reviews

It’s quite evident that video is the new form of browsing content online. People prefer watching videos than reading content. We totally get that. This is why our major focus now is to bring you more video reviews with tech influencers and our team. We have already published our first Facebook Live event a couple of days ago and are looking forward to doing more in the coming weeks.

Jessica Naziri Taking Over for Gadget Flow

Join our first #FacebookLive this Wednesday at 3 pm EST. We'll be showcasing the Best Tech Gifts of 2016 – New Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers with Jessica Elizabeth Naziri

Posted by Gadget Flow on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New Review System

We understand that consumers value our opinion but we know you trust UGC (user generated content) even more. Therefore, we have decided to come up with a new aggregated feed from 3rd parties for each of our products. Starting early 2017, you’ll be able to read comments under each product from 3rd parties such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Amazon, websites, Twitter, and review websites right from our platform and apps!

More Features

In addition to all of this, we are working on a couple of new features for our platform and apps that will provide you with a seamless experience. You should expect more frequent updates from us starting from January 2017.

We would like to thank our community for helping us grow. More than 250,000 people visit Gadget Flow every day to stay updated with our latest discoveries. We couldn’t have done this without you. You have helped us scale our business by trusting our brand and our team and we are so thankful to you for this. If you have any feedback or recommendations, make sure to post it below. We read and reply to every single interaction from our users and fans.

We wish you a fantastic, prosperous, and healthy 2017! Cheers! ?? ?

Gadget Flow Year in Review and What’s Next for 2017

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