18 Gifts and gadgets under $50 for the tough people to shop for

Finding the right gift for one person can be tough, let alone for everyone on your list. Things can quickly add up, which is why it’s smart to stick to a budget. Wondering where to begin? We’ve got you covered with all these gifts and gadgets under $50.

18 Gifts and gadgets under $50 for the tough people to shop for
Christmas Gift Packaging in Red

Picking the perfect gift for your friends, family, or partner is no easy task. Any gift you give is not only going to be a reflection of them as a person but also how you view your relationship. So, you know, no pressure.

And going over the top on a gift doesn’t mean going out of your budget. As long as you get the right type of gift, you can’t go wrong. We’re here to tell you that you definitely can’t go wrong with gadgets and devices.

From smart home devices to devices to ease their commute, you can truly dote on everyone on your holiday shopping list. Best of all? These gifts and gadgets under $50 are sure to be well within your budget.

Fellow Products Carter Everywhere Travel Mug

No matter who you have on your list, we can pretty much guarantee they love coffee. Or tea. Because who doesn’t? And with the Carter Travel Mug, they can enjoy it just about anywhere. Designed with coffee in mind, this insulated bottle does so much more than keep hot coffee hot. In fact, it goes the extra mile by featuring an entirely ceramic interior. This means the drinker will never taste or smell anything metallic. Plus, the wide mouth opening is perfect for pour-over brewing on the go. Still not enough convenience? The Carter Travel Mug is finished with a thin rim for effortless sipping.
Price: $30

8Bitdo Lite Retro Bluetooth Gamepad

It can be tricky shopping for the gamer in your life. They always know just what they want (and exactly what they don’t want). If you’re totally unsure about the entire gaming industry, you can still knock it out of the park with the 8Bitdo Lite Retro Bluetooth Gamepad. It works with multiple gaming platforms, meaning they can use it with their Switch, Windows, Raspberry Pi, etc. If these names mean nothing to you, that’s okay. Just know this gamepad connects seamlessly via Bluetooth for lag-free gaming. It also offers customization for a truly next-level experience. Trust us; they’ll love it.
Price: $24.99

Wingback Key Cache EDC Money Stash

For the person who has everything, the Wingback Key Cache is the perfect gift. It’s superbly small and compact but don’t let its small size fool you. The top of this cylinder actually comes off, revealing a place to stash cash inside. It’s great for emergencies, ensuring your recipient always has some rainy day money on hand. Screwing closed, the Wingback Key Cache secures to a key chain so it can forever live on their keys until they need it. Featuring a choice of brass or stainless steel, this EDC money stash works with USD, GBP, EUR, and plenty of other notes. If you really want to go above and beyond with your gift, you can pre-fill it with as much cash as you’d like.
Price: £30 / ~$41.39

BrüMate Hopsulator Juggernaut Beer Sleeve Cooler

Sure, everyone on your list probably has plenty of beer sleeves somewhere in their house. They may even have a drawer overflowing with the tired material of beer cooler from every vacation they’ve ever been on. But none of those stand up to the BrüMate Hopsulator Juggernaut. This thing features double-walled stainless steel to truly keep their beer colder for longer. In fact, the Hopsulator Juggernaut can keep it up to 20 times colder than the traditional beer sleeve cooler. If that wasn’t enough, it also fits tallboy cans for the true beer connoisseur. With a color or style option for everyone, it’s the perfect gift they can use all year long.
Price: $24.99

Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Pro Mini Soundbar

One of the biggest tech trends in 2019 was soundbars. It seems like everyone and their parents was scooping one up and for good reason; they’re simply better than the built-in speakers that come with the TV. While you could splurge on your own, the Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Pro is well within your budget. It’s actually a mini soundbar, which means the price is mini, too. Measuring just 16 inches long, it connects via Bluetooth for a seamless experience. And, you get a 10-meter range so they can connect it with just about any compatible device they own. Impressively, despite its small size, this mini soundbar offers four hours of playtime.
Price: $39.99

Compact soundbar on a white desk

The only thing mini about this soundbar is its compact size

TETRA SOAP Ergonomic Soap Bar

What’s one thing you probably haven’t realized needs a modern improvement? The bar of soap. Luckily, the folks at TETRA did. They said adios to the boring (and kinda gross) bars of soap with the TETRA SOAP. As the name suggests, this piece of soap takes on a tetrahedron shape. As such, the user has a better grip no matter how slippery things get. It looks a bit like a metal jack. It’s ergonomic in all the right ways and effective in all the right ways. It also comes in beautiful scents such as sandalwood, olive oil, coconut oil, and more. Sure, your recipient might think soap is a bit of a weird gift. But once they start using it, we’re sure they’ll add it to their list for their recipients, too.
Price: $20

Spigen F308W Leather Wireless Charger

Give the gift of free time with the Spigen F308W Leather Wireless Charger. Yes, you have the power to give time. Because this nifty little wireless charger is equipped with fast charging technology, your recipient can spend less time waiting for a full battery. In fact, it can recharge the Galaxy S10 in full in just three hours. It’s compatible with any Qi-compatible device, too. Even with all that power, it’ll never overheat thanks to ControlHeat technology. And if you have a classy recipient on your list, they’ll love the leather design. This wireless charger looks fantastic whether it’s on a desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, or anywhere else they may want to put it.
Price: $49.99

Person in motion of resting smartphone on wireless charger

Not only does it offer fast charging, it looks good doing it

Baseus DB01 Universal Headphone Holder

Have a music lover on your list? Or even an avid gamer? Chances are they have a really amazing set of headphones. Rather than spend big on a set of luxury cans, wow your gift recipients with the Baseus DB01 Universal Headphone Holder. Working with just about every headset on the market, this stand has a horizontal arm to lift the headphones up and out of the way. It’s also adjustable in height so it works with any space. They’ll love the attention to detail, too. This stand has a luxurious finish, a catch-all tray at the base, and a non-slip bottom to give total peace of mind. Complete with a black and gold aesthetic, it’ll fit right in with any desk or office space.
Price: $39

Satechi Wireless Multimedia Remote

If the recipients on your list are already pretty tech-savvy, we’re sure they already have plenty of smart home devices. Instead of adding to their list, give them all the power with the Satechi Wireless Multimedia Remote. Using Bluetooth, this compact yet powerful remote connects to every single Bluetooth device they own. This means they can control their music on the speaker from across the room without their smartphone. Or they can manage their smart lights with just a tap. Or dim their laptop display without getting up. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Like other Satechi devices, this remote comes in three color options for the brushed aluminum casing that are sure to fit in with any interior.
Price: $39.99

Person holding Bluetooth smart remote

Satechi’s wireless remote can control all your smart devices

UNIQ HydeAir Fast Wireless Power Bank and Display Stand

Power banks are good and all, but they really only have one purpose. Even then, sometimes, their purpose isn’t that great. But with the UNIQ HydeAir, all of that changes. Your recipient will first see that it’s a power bank. But then they’ll see it’s a fast-charging power bank. Not only that, but it does it all wirelessly so they can top up their device easily whether they’re at the office or on the train. However, this clever power bank holds another secret: it also has a built-in stand. So, while they wait for their battery to top up, they can binge their favorite series on Netflix (or Disney +!).
Price: $49.90

SteelSeries Arctis 1 All-Platform Gaming Headset

What’s the one thing every gamer needs to stay ahead of the curve? A well-equipped headset. When it comes to advantage, audio makes all the difference. The SteelSeries Arctis 1 will give them a surround-sound experience no matter the game. Or the platform. Because this gaming headset works across PlayStation 4, PCs, Xbox, Switch, and more. In addition, it sports a detachable microphone so they can truly go dark if and when they want. Coming from SteelSeries, this headset boasts some serious comfort for those hours-long gaming marathons.
Price: $49.99

Chipolo Card Thin Wallet Tracker

We already discussed what to get for the person who has everything, but what about the person who loses everything? The Chipolo Card looks, well, just like a credit card. It’s just 2.15mm thick, meaning it can slide right into most wallets with ease. The secret to its success is all about the design. Because it looks just like a regular credit card, any wallet thief won’t attempt to remove it. In fact, they may even end up taking the tracker along with any other cards. For those with less likelihood of being robbed, the Chipolo Card makes it easy to track down their wallet whenever they misplace it. For the really forgetful, it also works in reverse to track down the connected smartphone.
Price: $35

Teckin Outdoor Smart Plug

A smart home is pretty cool. But what about the outside of the home? That’s where the Teckin Outdoor Smart Plug comes in and will blow everyone’s mind. Functioning just like a smart plug for the interior, this one works outside. Great for literally anyone with a home on your list, your recipients will be able to plug in everything from outdoor lights to sprinklers and everything in between. And the devices don’t even need to be smart; Teckin does that part all on its own. With two plugs in one, there are endless outdoor automation options.
Price: $25.99

Nest Mini Smart Speaker

If you happen to have someone on your list that doesn’t have a smart speaker of some sort, the Nest Mini is the one you should get for them. Impressively small, it also comes with an equally small price tag, considering its abilities. Featuring Google Assistant, users can ask this speaker just about anything from the weather to their schedule for the day. Not only that, but the Nest Mini has a machine-learning chip. This means it will continuously learn about the users the more they use it. And you don’t need to worry about your recipient’s home decor. This smart speaker features an eco-friendly fabric cover available in four modern colors. It even comes with a wall mount.
Price: $49

AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 4-Port USB Wall Charger

You may not realize, but giving the AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 4-Port USB Wall Charger as a gift may be saving lives. Plugs and ports at home are a hot commodity. As such, this valuable real estate is hunted down by families, often resulting in unplugging a loved one’s device. This simple act, while seemingly harmless, could be the catalyst to World War 3. And then 4. And possibly 5. But with this device, the entire family can plug their devices in at the same time so there’s no more fighting. To be on the safe side, maybe you should get one for yourself, too.
Price: $24.99

Speaqua Cruiser Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Give the gift of having music anywhere and everywhere when you give someone the Speaqua Cruiser. It’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker, but it doesn’t look like any that you’ve probably seen. That’s because the circular wireless speaker measures just 2.4 inches in diameter. It’s truly delightful; it’s small enough hold in your hand yet it delivers plenty of big sound. Got any camping lovers on your list? This speaker will fit in their bag or even pocket and won’t weigh them down. Plus it comes with a lanyard so they can hang it just about anywhere.
Price: $24.99

Compact blue speaker held in a girl's hand

Speaqua is small enough to in your hand

Nomad Universal Cable Kevlar-Strengthened Cord

If you have any tech lovers on your list, you can assume they have a multitude of different types of products. Even if they’re loyal to a brand like Apple, they still probably have a Kindle or a Fitbit or some other non-Lightning charging device. Help simplify their life with the Nomad Universal Cable. Made with Kevlar, this cable is ultra-strong and ultra-durable. At the end are interchangeable connector tips. They can choose between Lighting, USB-C, and micro-USB for compatibility with every device on the planet. They’ll be calling you to say thank you again by their second use.
Price: $29.95

Amazon Echo Glow Companion Lamp

Everyone on your holiday list already knows about the hype for Amazon Echo devices, but they’re probably imagining the speakers. Truly impress them with the Echo Glow. More than just a simple light, it’s a companion lamp. In fact, it’s a voice-activated companion lamp that changes according to your verbal request. As a great gift for kids, users of all ages will love the customization they get with just a request.
Price: $29.99

To be honest, these are all incredible gifts and we’re (only a little bit) sorry that we may have given you too many options. Whether you have a friend who has everything or the person who says you don’t need to get them anything, you can totally nail it this year without breaking the bank thanks to these gifts and gadgets under $50.

Ashley Timms is an editor at Gadget Flow where she gets to write about the most incredible products in the world. When she’s not writing, she’s producing fine art dog photography.
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