Get this adjustable back support to improve your posture and sit more comfortably

Sit taller, anywhere, when you have the Back Daddy. This versatile back support device attaches to any chair and doesn't let you slouch.

Get this adjustable back support to improve your posture and sit more comfortably
Back Daddy on an office chair

Stop hunching over your desk once and for all with the Back Daddy back support device. This adjustable back support takes only three steps to set up and attaches to the back of pretty much any chair. Then, all you have to do is use the arms to prevent poor posture.

If you spend hours working at a computer, it’s likely that, at some point, your shoulders start to droop and your torso inches closer and closer to your keyboard. It’s not a healthy position, but there is something you can do about it. It’s called the Back Daddy, and it’s the subject of today’s review.

Back Daddy back support device
Back Daddy on an office chair

Choose a back support device that fits any chair

It’s easy to use the Back Daddy since you simply strap it to the back of your chair. In fact, its straps adjust to your chair’s width, while the seat frame adjusts to any seat contour. So, if your chair has a back, this gadget works with it.

That also means that this office gadget is a great choice for everything from traditional office chairs and RV seats to car seats and gaming chairs.

Back Daddy in a video

Adjust this posture-improving gadget to your size

But this adjustable back support doesn’t adapt to only your chair—it also modifies to you. For instance, the straps also change to fit your height, and the support arms widen to match your width. That way, no matter your body type, you can look forward to better posture.

Lift your posture with the Back Lift Arms

Once this posture-improving gadget is all set up, the Back Lift Arms fit under your arms, allowing you to hang your upper torso. This stretches your spine and keeps it snug against your chair. Meanwhile, the Back Lift Arms are covered in foam padding, keeping them comfortable beneath your arms.

Position the Back Lift Arms up or down

You even have the option of inserting the Back Lift Arms up or down. This is great if you have a shorter-backed chair, where you’d want the arms to be as high up as possible.

Set it up in just three steps

You’ve got a busy day ahead of you, and you don’t want to waste time fiddling with a back support device before you hunker down for the day. Don’t worry; the Back Daddy‘s creators get it. For that reason, this adjustable back support sets up in just three steps.

Just strap it onto your chair, adjust the arms, and sit down. That’s all you have to do; there are no tools required. And, for the rest of the day, you can work in an active, supported position that doesn’t result in pain at the day’s end. Sounds like a win, no?

Sit up straight, just like your mother told you

Thanks to this adjustable back support’s innovative design, you won’t have pressure on your lower back while you sit, according to the company. With the Back Daddy, you can sit properly, just the way mom always told you to. With the Back Lift Arms, there’s simply no way you can hunch, droop, or slump.

Use it to combat mid-workday drowsiness

You probably start your workday off strong, sitting in an upright position. But, as the day goes on—usually after lunch—you slowly begin to hunch and droop. If someone drops by your office, you’re not proud of the way you look. But the Back Daddy can change all that.

With this adjustable back support, you have two comfortable foam-padded arms right at the back of your chair for extra reinforcement. Whenever you feel your energy wane, just hold onto them to continue working comfortably in the correct posture.

Improve your posture in a range of activities

Although we use office work as our primary example, the Back Daddy is compatible with any activity where you sit for long periods of time. We already mentioned that this adjustable back support works with RV, car, and gaming chairs. You can also install it in a semi-truck for long rides and your reclining chair for movies.

Customize the Back Daddy even further

While the Back Lift Arms are covered in foam padding, you might want thicker or thinner padding depending on your needs. So the creators of the Back Daddy also developed multisized foam pads for extra comfort under your arms.

There are also arm extenders for the foam pads. You can add them to the Back Lift Arms for extra length. Finally, seat strap pads add protection to your seat or chair.

Sit tall and comfortably all day long when you add the Back Daddy to your workspace. It’s adjustable to any chair and body type, providing customized support. It’s also easy to set up and helps you stay energized throughout the day. Add it to your workspace, long drives, or home theater—anywhere you want to avoid slouching.

The Back Daddy back support device costs $45, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. Would you like to improve your posture? Let us know how you’d use the Back Daddy to sit taller in the comments.

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