The Geyser portable shower will help you stay fresh on the road

Many outdoor activities involve getting mucky. Even if you’re nowhere near civilization, this ingenious portable shower will help you get clean — and then wash the dishes.

The Geyser portable shower will help you stay fresh on the road
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  • However you plan to enjoy the outdoors, Geyser will keep you fresh. This portable shower offers hot water on demand.

When you love the outdoors, your white collar can feel like a leash. You may be physically present around the office, but mentally you’re elsewhere, longing for another weekend in the wilderness. Of course, many people head for the hills and never come home. Van life has many benefits, but hygiene isn’t one of them. Thankfully, there is an alternative to using the terrible campsite shower block. Geyser is a portable shower that’s powered by your car or deep cell battery (you can pick one up for cheap on Amazon). It provides hot water on demand, with a huge one-gallon tank that lasts long enough for a hot shower. Plus, you can even use it for cleaning the dishes or freshening up your doggo.

Stay fresh

Experienced tent residents and festival-goers will be familiar with the cold camping shower. You fill your bag with water and hang it up in the sun. At the end of the sunny day, you get to enjoy two minutes of lukewarm bathing. On a cloudy day, the shower runs cold.

Geyser Portable Hot Shower System

Use the included sponge to get clean

Geyser offers a much more comfortable experience. Firstly, this device holds enough water for a seven-minute shower, which is long enough for two people if you’re quick. It also has an internal heating element, powered by your car or deep cell battery. As a result, you’re not reliant on the weather for your hot water.

[tweet_box]Even if you’re nowhere near civilization, this ingenious portable shower will help you get clean — and then wash the dishes.[/tweet_box]

Better still, this portable shower doubles as a general-purpose cleaning solution. The adjustable flow rate means you can wash off your mountain bike gear or clean your cutlery while preserving water.

The perfect portable shower

To prepare your shower, you simply fill Geyser with water and plug the device into your car charger or deep cell battery. It takes 20–30 minutes for the device to heat one gallon of water to a comfortable showering temperature.

Geyser Portable Hot Shower System

A hot shower anywhere your adventures take you

The final step is to attach the supplied sponge. This helps you scrub and spread the water around for greater cleaning efficiency. You get seven minutes of hot showering from a full tank; on the lower flow settings, you can stretch this to 20 minutes. Geyser also has a water level indicator, which alerts you when the tank is half emptied.

You may be wondering about the size of the tank. One gallon sounds like a lot of water, after all. But at just 1.5 feet tall, Geyser is smaller than the average backpack. It takes up only a tiny fraction of your trunk, but it provides a lot of value.

“Geyser was invented and founded by Jonathan Ballesteros while he was exploring remote regions of Australia in his 4×4 Troopcarrier.…After multiple rounds of prototyping, market validation, and testing, he decided to take his patented platform technology to the world.”  — Geyser Systems

Geyser Portable Hot Shower System

Easily clean your gear

Top features

Geyser solves three major problems with camping showers: capacity, temperature and flow. The first of those is particularly important if you’re planning an epic road trip.

Future designs

We hear that a dog brush and women’s hair brush will be added soon as optional attachments. Instant upgrade!


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