Where in the World Would You Eat with the Gizzo Portable Grill?

Where in the World Would You Eat with the Gizzo Portable Grill?

Memories are made by doing something real, not by tweeting or watching Netflix. It can be something as simple as sharing a meal with family and friends in the great outdoors. Open-fire cooking is not always an option, but there is a simple solution. Gizzo is a gourmet grill that you can take anywhere. This brilliant brazier folds up into a backpack, so you can take it on every adventure. You could even stop halfway up a mountain to enjoy some juicy ribeye.

– Sets up for cooking in just 40 seconds, works like a regular BBQ

– Grill folds down to the size of a laptop and weighs just 8.16 pounds

– Durable backpack has room for food, drinks and cooking accessories

The Perfect Portable Grill

Away from your backyard, eating alfresco usually means packing a picnic. While spring rolls and nachos are definitely tasty, there is nothing quite like sizzling steak and char-grilled veggies. That said, you would have to be a pretty dedicated BBQ diner to take your grill hiking through the woods.

In contrast, no special effort is required to take Gizzo along. You can easily carry this fold-up grill in the supplied backpack, together with food and fuel. Furthermore, it weighs about the same as two large bottles of soda. It’s perfect for hiking hangouts and easy campsite cooking.

Once you find the perfect spot for your meal, it takes just 40 seconds to set up Gizzo. The grill stands around 23 inches tall, and it is large enough to cook eight burgers simultaneously. You can use it for fish, skewers and even pizza. The elevated design is safe to use in protected areas, while the sides guard against strong wind.

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So, how do you fit this grill into a regular-size backpack? This isn’t a magic trick, it’s just great design. The grill cools down in 10-20 minutes and folds flat for transportation. In travel mode, Gizzo measures just 1.2 inches thick. The dimensions are comparable with those of a large laptop, and it weighs just 8.16 pounds.

Gizzo Mini is a smaller alternative for those who love to travel light. It weighs only 5.73 pounds and can handle four burgers.

portable grill 04

Traveling Light

When it’s time to move, Gizzo slips inside the supplied case. This keeps the grill safe, while the outer pocket holds foil, cooking gloves and more.

You can store the grill this way, but it’s much easier to carry in the backpack. This has a dedicated compartment for the grill case, plus plenty more storage for your eating essentials. The front pocket can store two bags of charcoal, and the side pocket is good for your picnic blanket and some utensils.

You can also store food in the large top pocket, and use the straps to secure your sleeping bag or tent. The backpack can support 33 pounds, and it’s durable enough to take hiking in the mountains.

portable grill 05

The combination of water-resistant Cordura fabric and porous neoprene helps to keep your stuff dry. The straps are adjustable, and you will find beautiful leather details throughout.

“The GIZZO team believes there’s nothing more special than having adventures with the ones you love…We’ve created a way for everyone, from the outdoors lovers to the first-time campers, to have hot, hassle-free meals together, with a portable grill that weighs less than two 2-liter bottles of soda.” — Gizzo on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

For those of us without the survival skills of Bear Grylls (pun intended), Gizzo makes outdoor cooking easy.

Future Designs

We just need someone to design a really light version of charcoal… 😉


– Kickstarter: Until July 25th

– Pledge: $85

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get Gizzo Grill accessories!

– Delivery: September 2017

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