When you need to fill your bottle, GO-FILTR will purify the water

One major downside to drinking from a reusable water bottle is that you have to refill it with chlorine-flavored, toxin-filled water. GO-FILTR solves this problem by automatically filtering out the bad stuff after you fill your bottle.

When you need to fill your bottle, GO-FILTR will purify the water

With anti-plastic sentiment at an all-time high, reusable water bottles are more popular than ever. This trend is a brilliant step forward for the environment and owners of such bottles will save money in the long run. The only real problem is the variable quality of the water you will encounter. Most drinking water tastes bad, and some is contaminated with toxins. But with GO-FILTR installed in your bottle, all the bad taste and toxins are removed after you fill up. It’s a neat way to purify water from any source.

A healthy solution

When you’re super thirsty, even Dr. Pepper Cherry tastes good. In such circumstances, any non-lethal liquid will do.

But you make that choice out of desperation. In general, it’s better if you don’t have to drink water that tastes like a swimming pool and could increase your risk of cancer. With GO-FILTR in your bottle, you can avoid having to choose between thirst and healthiness.

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A simple solution

How to purify water

To start purifying water, you simply drop this innovative accessory into your filled bottle. The filter takes about 15 minutes to clean your drink, removing chlorine and fluoride, heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides, and VOCs. It also removes the unpleasant taste, odor, and color you see in some drinking water supplies.

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Clean water in 15 minutes

Biodegradable goodness

The main GO-FILTR device is made from plant-based, biodegradable materials. It acts as a protective cage for the filter inside.

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Small enough to travel

There are three different types of filter to choose from. Each caters for different needs. The Ultra Pure Filter concentrates on removing all unpleasantries from your drink. It also kills the germs that cause your bottle to smell after a while.

How do alkaline filters work?

The Alkaline Filter aims to take an extra step for your health. This filter adds key minerals to your water, while also increasing the pH level.

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Better well-being

Eating an alkaline diet has been shown to reduce harmful acidity in your body. However, there are still questions to be answered about the effectiveness of drinking alkaline water. Still, it can’t hurt.

Get more electrolytes

Your final option is the Electrolyte Filter. In addition to cleaning the water, this filter introduces key salts that your body needs in order to operate properly. As a result, you end up being better hydrated than you would from drinking regular filtered water.

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Improved hydration

All three filters should last for around three months, and they are super easy to replace. In fact, the whole GO-FILTR system offers a very simple solution to that water quality problem.

“Our mission is to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles. Like none other, GO-FILTR is 100% BPA + Plastic Free + biodegradable. Each GO-FILTR replaces 300 bottles, so you save money while helping the planet. When you support the world’s first plant-based biodegradable water filter – we will also donate 1% of all proceeds to our charity partner, The Ocean Cleanup.” — GO-FILTR on Kickstarter

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Impressive filtering

Impressive clean

This device is a definite upgrade on the water filter you have at home. Furthermore, it’s impressive how fast it works.

Future plans

Imagine an eco-friendly, reusable bottle with this technology built in…now there’s an idea!


– Kickstarter: Until April 23rd

– Pledge: $22 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get free shipping with code: GADGETFLOWGOFILTR

– Delivery: July 2018

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