Goodbye Clutter – Stratos Card is Here to Consolidate Your Wallet

Goodbye Clutter – Stratos Card is Here to Consolidate Your Wallet

We have traveled a long way since the time when using cash was so normal. Our wallets were filled with bills and had little or no space for anything else. Fast forward to the current day, our wallets are still bulky and hardly have any space left for an add-on. Why so? We hardly travel with too many bills these days. But the catch here is that we do use “a lot of cards”. In fact, there’s a card for literally everything! Starting from credit cards to gym cards to gas cards to loyalty cards to gift cards…you know what I mean. It’s terrible to load that fancy wallet with so many cards at once, only to complicate your everyday life and get confused with picking up the right one at the right place.

Even if you’re too particular about spacing them properly in the wallet, you’ll be still landing with that bulky mess of cards no matter where you go. And to add to that is the whole “omg-I-lost-my-card” disasters which leads to a total mess we never (I repeat, never!) want to face. In fact, there’s another point worth mentioning here. How many of you do keep track of your gift cards and redeem them at the right place? As for people like me, that never works! But we just can’t sit and sulk over this whole mobile payment mess because apparently this entire industry is expected to reach $142 billion in volume in 2019. We need an upgrade right now. We need a Stratos Card!

Stratos Card mobile app

All Cards Unified Into One

Stratos Card is a breakthrough concept in the world of digital payments which aims to unify your entire world of cards into one. This could be anything from your credit, debit, loyalty, gift, and membership cards that can now be left at home while you carry your Stratos card alone. While discussing on the Stratos Card, founder Thiago Olson had said on CNet, “Our research discovered that people in their 20s and 30s want something else than the cookie cutter black card while also freeing them from their wallets.”

Stratos card all cards in one

In fact, he prefers calling this innovation an iPod for your wallet. As said on CNet again, “Just like an iPod digitizes and stores all your CDs and music, Stratos stores all your cards while adding security features and FitBit-like card tracking.” So you can very well see why having such a card in your wallet could be vital in terms of saving space as well as keeping your card information secure.

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Stratos Uses Bank-Level Encryption to Ensure Security

Stratos uses a Dual Stripe technology because of which you can use it anywhere and everywhere you use your cards. This could be your local stores, coffee shops, ATMs, gas pumps, parking meters, kiosks, and more. You can also be sure of not having your card information leaked as Stratos uses bank-level encryption. If it’s lost or stolen, you can lock it down immediately.

Stratos Card

One of the most interesting features I adore is the double tap activation which will help your Stratos to identify your location and history based card suggestions. This means those painful minutes wasted in looking for the right card can rest in peace now. The more you’ll use Stratos, the more intelligent it’ll be in terms of knowing your card usage statistics.

Stratos Card digital wallet review

Top Three Cards Available For Use With One Tap

To set up Stratos, you have to first plug the Stratos reader on your smartphone. Next, you’ll have to swipe your cards to get them registered in the Stratos App. That’s quite it. Your top three cards will always be available for use with one single touch on the card, even without having your smartphone around. So make sure you choose the most used ones as the top three.

Stratos card digital wallet

Using the Priority Spot feature, you’ll be able to select the appropriate card based on your location as well. The LED flash confirms your card is ready for use each time. Not only this, the membership will also give you exciting offers from the company which includes battery insurance, discounts and upgrades as well as constant support.

Stratos Card digital wallet review

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your Stratos Card right now for $95 only. The first orders are about to ship this April. Wow, I feel so relieved to have found this amazing card that can save us from carrying those bulky wallets forever. Cheers Stratos, you rock! Happy Gadgeting!

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