Google’s Android Wear Pioneers a Spectacular Platform For Wearables, Starting With Smartwatches

At a time when more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide each day, it’s not surprising to witness the kind of craze Android Wear has had even before the official release. This isn’t the first time ofcourse, Google’s every revolutionary idea has always sparked excitement amongst the consumer world for years now and this time, it’s even bigger. For it’s the wearable tech industry they are dealing with right now and unlike Google Glass, this doesn’t seem to fall under that controversial bubble of “innovative but not mass appealing” category at all. It’s true that Project Glass has been one of the biggest milestones in wearable tech that has eventually led to the wide range of products we see today with only one aim in mind – to make relevant information available to us right when we need it. But all that technology still lacks the major dimension of success – mass acceptance!

Stepping into the wearable market at such a time with their exclusive new operating system is what Google had to do. And what better option could they have had other than Android which has already grabbed 81% of the global mobile OS market share. Android Wear is, without a doubt, a platform that the wearable market so wanted for themselves. Having said that, I completely agree to what Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Kantar World Panel had said on Huffington Post the other day, “Google’s announcement definitely gives wearables a status that it’s a market in its own right and it needs to be treated with the respect that a separate operating system branch gives it.”

Perfectly Blending Wearable Tech Into Your Daily Lives

Now, whenever it comes to accepting a wearable device, it’s absolutely natural for consumers to look for something that perfectly blends with their daily lives apart from providing all the information on the go. That’s where Android Wear has made itself count by using a form factor that’s otherwise a smartwatch. Something you’d never feel like an extra burden to carry every day. If style and fashion’s a big concern, then there’s good news from that arena too! David Singleton, Director of Engineering, Android says in the introductory video, “To bring this vision to life, we’re working with consumer electronics manufacturers, chip makers and fashion brands. We’re committed to fostering an ecosystem of watches in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.”

Android Wear SmartwatchesThis isn’t all of it! Watches powered by Android Wear will also be capable of responding to voices and commands, thus ensuring you to have your information or completing some task without you having to do practically anything other than speaking up. It’ll also be interesting to have your timepiece guide you towards your fitness goals in a way which never poses to be an additional botheration for you at all. There’ll be multiscreen effects too, that can easily make your everyday ventures blend with each other effortlessly. For example, you could be notified of your next meeting, followed by the time left for you to reach the destination, how far it’s from your home and so on. Sounds like a personal monitor but with a modern approach.

Android Wear Is Here To Stay

The team has currently launched the Android Wear Developer Preview for all the current Android apps that are doing wonders on your smartphones or tablets already to take a new step into the wearable world. With the emulator, existing Android App developers can now modify their app notifications for square or round shaped Android Wear smartwatches. They can also incorporate voice control features, additional pages or stack similar notifications together and make their apps absolutely compatible with these upcoming magical wristbands that are all set to make their strong base in the wearable tech industry. The DevBytes videos from the team are also a fantastic guide for the developers to have a better idea of the prospects that lie with this venture.

Android Wear Information on the go

What still awaits is the “Android Wear SDK” which will actually provide developers with the opportunity to create spellbinding features right away and bring Android Wear more close to what it claims to be. The fun stuff for consumers lie in enjoying all of it in a simple but extremely efficient smartwatch that can take you through your hectic days with just one utterance of “Ok Google” and a lot more. The best of smartwatch evolution that we’ve ever seen till date is definitely Pebble Smartwatch, but Android Wear somehow brings back those goosebumps you feel whenever a wide-ranging discovery strikes in. It’s definitely come here to stay and not to be a passing trend nobody’s really seen. Let’s hope Google keeps their power going in making Android Wear devices the most coveted ones for mainstream consumers in the wearable tech market. Happy Gadgeting!

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