The GPSmyCity GPS-Enabled Travel Articles Makes Travel a Breeze

The GPSmyCity GPS-Enabled Travel Articles Makes Travel a Breeze

The best part of traveling is, without a doubt, seeing the sights and taking in the culture. Whether you’re in a totally foreign land or simply a new city, it’s imperative to make a plan to hit all the best spots. That’s where GPSmyCity, GPS-Enabled Travel Articles, comes in. This system provides:
– access to information about your destination
– navigation to areas of interest
– handy, offline features
– lifetime access

This must-have app will transform the way you travel. GPSmyCity provides you with an all-in-one platform for effortless planning and itineraries. Easy to use, GPSmyCity is so much more than an app.

GPS-Enabled Travel Articles for Anywhere

With the help of thousands of authors and a dedicated team, this robust app revolutionizes the way you get information for your travels. The GPSmyCity team have scoured the internet for the most informative articles and, cleverly, have added GPS tags to each. This includes everything from finding the best beaches to one-of-a-kind restaurants. As you read the article, you can simply and easily click through to see it on a map. Current methods require you to source an address and manually plug them into a map. The GPSmyCity GPS-Enabled Travel Articles do the hard work for you.

Amazingly, this powerful encyclopedia is constantly updated to deliver the latest content and articles. Even if you visit the same city again, GPSmyCity can show you a whole new adventure with new sites, information, and must-see locations. The app currently features over 6,000 articles for over 750 cities around the world – and counting.

GPSmyCity GPS-Enabled Travel Articles

Navigation with Pinpoint Accuracy

GPSmyCity allows you to save and compile your areas of interest as you read articles. In addition to seeing them on a map, the app also gives you precise navigation to these locations. With this system, you’ll never have to rely on paper maps again. Because you have access to all of the articles, you’ll also find areas of interest that may not be listed in tradition travel guides. Instead, you can plan your trip and navigate in your own time to have an efficient yet action-packed adventure.

GPSmyCity GPS-Enabled Travel Articles

Travel-Friendly Features

Despite the GPSmyCity app being widely connected to search through the best content, it works offline, too. All of your areas of interest can be accessed and viewed without internet connection. This is incredibly useful if you’re traveling to foreign countries. GPSmyCity gives you the power to navigate without racking up expensive data bills or relying on dodgy signal. The app is available now for iOS and soon for Android.

GPSmyCity GPS-Enabled Travel Articles

What We Love

We absolutely love the offline feature. The GPSmyCity app makes travel more enjoyable on all fronts by letting you get the most out of any city. Best of all? The subscription gives you lifetime access!

What We’d Like to See in the Future

With the amount of travel articles online, we hope the GPSmyCity team can keep up. It’d be great to allow users to submit articles that they’d like in the app.

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– Pledge: $60 for a standard lifetime subscription, $80 for a premium lifetime subscription
– Live: iOS: March 2017, Android: May 2017

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