Gymtrack is a Marvelous Answer to What the Future of Fitness Should Be Like

Gymtrack is a Marvelous Answer to What the Future of Fitness Should Be Like

Today’s generation is pretty conscious about their fitness. Whether it’s because of our strenuous work life or an urge to look the best, all of us are concerned about keeping our body physically sound through regular exercise. In fact, statistical facts say that wearable tech is a $700 million industry in the form of sports and activity trackers alone. This doesn’t seem surprising to me because wearable fitness trackers are possibly the easiest way you can track your fitness data on a regular basis. They merge beautifully with your everyday lifestyle and gathers data in the background instead of you trying to manually enter your daily activities.

Gymtrack future of fitness

From your work desk to your gym devices, it seems that technology is willing to keep you fit from every angle of your life. But somewhere I feel all of this leaves us a bit scattered at the end of the day. We have all the information but still when it comes to reaching the end goal, we are loaded with too much of data from different gadgets we don’t know how to combine together. That’s the gap you can bridge with Gymtrack – A device and software combo helping a gym member track his/her movements while working out.

Gymtrack wearable and fitness device

Fitness Device and Software Combo For Your Gym

By using the wearable, smart pin and barbell attachment from Gymtrack, you can easily track everything you do at the gym in a more organized way. You won’t have to go through the pain of manual entry as Gymtrack’s efficient system works automatically in the background and synchronizes every activity into proper metrics you can track later. These metrics are extremely detailed and includes feedback such as tempo, range of motion, heart rate and time under tension. You get to see everything under the dashboard which will help you to analyze how well you are performing the exercises you do. By using the corresponding mobile app (iOS and Android), you can also get yourself accustomed to workout plans and auditory feedback so that you never feel lost at the gym anymore. It’s like having a trainer beside you all the time!

Gymtrack dashboard

Efficient Workout Builder

The workout builder is an efficient feature of this system which will allow you to build your own workout plan from beforehand. Even trainers can build workout plans for you and keep a check as to how you’re progressing from time to time. This inevitably proves that Gymtrack is not only efficient for gym members but also for the gym owners as well. It’s like updating your gym into a high-end technological arena where staying fit will seem like a futuristic adventure every day. It will take just one afternoon to install Gymtrack at your gym which when combined with the wearable and mobile app by members, will help in transforming the entire fitness world into a totally different area.

Gymtrack personal fitness training

Get the Benefits of Virtual Personal Training

Generally about 10% members at the gym use the benefits of personal training. But with Gymtrack, every member will now be able to get the advantage of having a personal trainer by their side all the time. If not physically but virtually for sure! No wonder this efficient fitness system received $2.5 million seed round this February from renowned investors, lead by Real Ventures and White Star Capital, with additional investment by BDC and 500 startups.

As Betakit reports, “Gymtrack’s unique technology allows gyms to create deeper relationships with their clients, while users get more insight into their progress and health,” said Jean-François Marcoux, a partner at White Star Capital, in a statement to BetaKit. “We are excited to be backing Lee, Pablo and their team, and to continue tracking our workouts with Gymtrack.”

Make sure your nearest gym gets transformed into a futuristic fitness destination with the Gymtrack system soon. Staying fit would be super interesting from here on. Happy Gadgeting!

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