12 Halloween Gadgets That Will Make You Scream

12 Halloween Gadgets That Will Make You Scream

Feel that cold draft? It could be some ghoulish terror of the night, just waiting to devour your soul! Or you just left the door open…yeah, maybe that. But there’s no reason to kill the scary mood this Halloween season. In fact, we are embracing all things spooky with this roundup of awesome Halloween gadgets.

Light-Up Ghostly Witches

Okay, let’s start with the decorations. Along with your best Jack o’ Lantern, these witches should really scare the trick-or-treaters. The faceless witches seem to hover in mid air and glow after dark. Underneath their floating robes, LED lights and batteries provide all the necessary “magic.”

Price: $34.98 USD

Star Wars Darth Vader Pumpkin Push-ins

You know, it still feels like there’s something missing from the decorations. Yes, that’s it — we need a pumpkin that looks like an overweight Darth Vader! Perhaps that wasn’t your first thought, but these push-ins look pretty awesome, no?

Price: $18.95 USD

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Batman Candle Attachment

Remember the Bat-Signal? It’s that cool spotlight that the Gotham City Police use when they need some superhero assistance. You can pay homage to the caped crusader this Halloween in the comfort of your home, thanks to the Batman Candle Attachment. Place your candle anywhere near a wall, and you will see the Batman logo.

Price: $30 USD

Pigeon Mask

Finding an original Halloween costume is almost impossible these days, but you will certainly stand out with the Pigeon Mask. While the avian headgear won’t scare many people, it will certainly win comedy points. Just don’t let the costume go to your head after drinks…we don’t want any failed attempts at flying.

Price: $14.57 USD

KegWorks Pumpkin Tap Kit

Speaking of alcoholic refreshment, this brilliant kit by KegWorks turns your pumpkin into a drinks dispenser. It’s pretty easy to install, and you won’t find a better Halloween party accessory. In addition, the chrome-plated tap can be used on watermelons once the holidays are over.

Price: $34.50 USD

Zombie Head Decanter

Another option for handling your Halloween drinks is this zombie head. More accurately, it’s a glass dispenser in the shape of a zombie’s skull. Considering the undead theme, the glassware is surprisingly elegant. It holds 39 ounces of your favorite liquor, which should at least be a good start to proceedings!

Price: $19.95 USD

Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

No party is complete without nibbles, and the Gingerdead cookie cutters are perfect for this time of year. Each little 5.5-inch skeleton is just waiting for someone to come along and bite its head off. Meanwhile, the cutters are durable and easy to wash — so at least the clean-up won’t make you scream…

Price: $7.29 USD

Halloween Copper Cookie Cutters

You want MORE cookies?! Silly question, really. These beautiful copper cookie cutters allow you to create haunted houses that are totally edible. Being made from metal, the cutters can slice through one inch of delicious dough. They should also last for many Halloweens to come.

Price: $20.41 USD

Bubble Fogger for Smoke-Filled Bubbles

If you take pride in your parties, you may want to add something extra. The Halloween-themed Bubble Fogger may be the accessory you’re looking for. This 200W machine pumps out bubbles filled with fog, like something from a cauldron. If that doesn’t impress your guests, nothing will.

Price: $150 USD

Twin Skull Leather Bracelet by North Skull

For a more subtle, luxurious addition to your Halloween look, try this Twin Skull bracelet. It combines beautiful black nappa leather and 18 carat gold for premium scares. Even the magnetic clasp is gold plated. It goes without saying that this charming piece will stay on your wrist long after October.

Price: $237 USD

Halloween Dog Costume

Why should humans have all the fun? That’s what your pooch is probably thinking at this time of year. Thankfully, you can give your mutt the Batman suit they deserve. With a printed yellow belt and a black cape trailing in the breeze, your furry friend will be top dog this Halloween.

Price: $18.55 USD

Skull Fidget Spinner

For some people, one scary day each year just isn’t enough. If you fall into this category, perhaps you should invest in the Skull Fidget Spinner. Not only will it remind you of Halloweens past and present, but the toy should calm your work stress. Because after all, your inbox is the scariest thing imaginable!

Price: $27.25 USD

What gadgets are you planning to use this Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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