Honda Reveals New Urban Mobility Pods

Honda Reveals New Urban Mobility Pods

Honda unveiled several concept vehicles during the 44th Tokyo Motor Show. Most were cars, but there were also some very unique devices that stood out. In particular the Wander Stand and the Wander Walker were the two Segway-like gadgets that caught the attention of onlookers at the event.

Honda concept

Advanced Urban Mobility

Both devices have the power to revolutionize the way we walk and interact with our surroundings. First, the Wander Stand is a vertical pod that looks like a golf cart. Individuals operating the machine will have to stand inside to use it. The front panel offers numerous digital features, such as a map, music player and more.

“The Wander Stand incorporates augmented reality technology that projects information on the screen. The rest of the pod-like vehicle is minimalistic — it doesn’t have a steering wheel but something resembling a joystick to navigate,” said Danielle Muoio from Tech Insider.

Honda Walker

Comfortable and Safe

The Wander Walker is a compact version of the Wander Stand. It supports both walking and standing positions. The most notable feature is its ability to turn 90 degrees without toppling over. This could be very useful when navigating busy streets and sidewalks. Like the Wander Stand, there is also a small dashboard with easy-to-use navigation features. Unfortunately, there aren’t any protective barriers on the machine, which means you’ll have to be extra careful when using it.

Both upbeat concepts are still lacking a release date. Like the Uni-Cub (Honda’s first concept urban vehicle), there’s a high possibility that the car-manufacturing brand will take its time in pushing the units out to the general public. Those who can’t wait to get their hands on the pods should consider other mobility apparatuses like the Segway style (hands-free) scooter.

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