How to design an engaging shop newsletter funnel for your e-commerce store

Sending newsletters to your shop subscribers is crucial. But with different types and variety, you can add to that shop newsletter funnel and make it more engaging for your subscribers.

How to design an engaging shop newsletter funnel for your e-commerce store
How to Design a Shop Newsletter
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When you launch an online store, you do so hoping for its success and massive sales on the very first day. Unfortunately, without proper ad targeting and a pre-approved newsletter subscriber list, this is all but impossible. Online marketing is the food for sustaining your store and it includes different types of promotions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can make use of your newsletter subscribers with an attractive shop newsletter funnel.

In the world of digital marketing, you not only have to be consistent with your activities but also be creative and versatile with them. So, when it comes to a newsletter, no matter how consistent you are with them, it’s also crucial to think of different types of newsletters. But before we get into the types of newsletters you should add to your funnel, let’s talk about a few tips that you need to follow to make every newsletter count.

How to design an engaging shop newsletter funnel for your e-commerce store

Creating an engaging newsletter funnel is all about maintaining variety

Tips for creating a clickbaity newsletter

– Keep the subject short with a main keyword

– Never use special characters in the subject

– Always follow the subject with a pretext that highlights the contents of the newsletter

– Stick to images with smaller file sizes (less than 200-300kb) to avoid images being hidden for people with low network bandwidths

– Always check the responsive stage of the newsletter in different browsers before scheduling it

Now, coming back to the different newsletter types, let’s assume you’re planning a funnel for a month. You could easily divide your weekly or bi-weekly newsletter slots with any of the types mentioned below. Always remember that it shouldn’t be the same type of newsletter every week. To make the most of your audience, you need to add more variety to your content.

Highlights of the week

This could be a weekly newsletter you send out to your subscribers that highlights the new products or the best-selling products of the week. Be sure not to select too many products for this newsletter. It should only highlight the products that are fresh and unique based on your entire collection. In fact, if you have any new updates about the shop (new categories, ongoing or upcoming sales, etc.), you could always design this newsletter to highlight everything at once.

Flash sale alerts

When it’s a shop newsletter, your users will expect flash sales time and again. These newsletters could be day-specific and should only last for 24 to 48 hours maximum. You need to send the newsletter out as soon as the flash sales begin to make the most of them. Just to keep a track of the people you convert from the newsletters, it would be advisable to use a coupon code specific to the newsletter subscribers.

New launches

Every time you launch a new product or two, you could send out a newsletter to your subscribers so they’ll check it out sooner. This will also help you get initial traffic on the latest launches from people who’ve already been a customer with your shop before. Likewise, this newsletter can help you obtain valuable customer feedback on your latest launch.

Customer feedback

Other than the abandoned cart emails that every shop sends automatically after a user leaves the shop, it’s also good to get some valuable feedback on your shop through newsletters. You could either do a separate feedback newsletter once in a quarter or include a survey link in one of your weekly newsletters for convenience. Consider offering something in return for their time, such as a small discount or free shipping.

How to design an engaging shop newsletter funnel for your e-commerce store

When it’s a shop newsletter, your users will expect flash sales time and again

Industry updates

Every shop should include a blog not just for highlighting products but also industry related updates. These blogs can then be utilized in newsletters and be an informative digest for subscribers. Once every month or two, you could send out some industry updates to your subscribers that will not just keep them entertained but also improve your credibility within the industry.

Freebies and coupons

When it’s a shop, freebies or coupons are always a welcomed gift for your subscribers. To make the most of them, you should always separate the newsletter subscriber freebies from others. This way, you’ll get to know the exact conversion so you can plan your future freebies for your online subscriber base easily.

It’s always important to consider the GDPR regulations before sending newsletters to your subscribers. You can only send them what they have subscribed to. So, when you sign them up, make sure they are aware of how many newsletters you’ll be sending out during the week or month.

Coming back to the design of these newsletters, you can use tools such as Canva or Photoshop for an extra edge over the competition. It’s not just what’s in the newsletter but also how you present it.

Which type of newsletter do you prefer to see from a shop? Share with us in the comments below.

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