HTC Dot View Case Review: a Protective, Functional, and Just Plain Cool Case

HTC Dot View Case Review: a Protective, Functional, and Just Plain Cool Case

I bought my HTC One (M8) a few months ago and decided to forgo buying a case until I decided I couldn’t live without one simply because the One is so beautiful that I hated to cover the aluminum finish. After a couple of scratches and drops, it came time for a case. I began perusing cases and, while I knew the Dot View Case existed, I found it again for a lower price and with a brand new update that added functionality and customization. Without a doubt, the Dot View Case is the coolest and most practical case for the HTC One (M8).



The main reason I chose the Dot View Case is the option to use my phone without having to open the case. I simply double tap the front of the case and I get the time and temperature. In a recent update, the case now gives you option to call one of the last 3 people in your call log. Seeing as I only call about 3 people, this was great for me. Double tap, wait a second, and then swipe up next to the name of the person and you’ll call them without even opening the case. Additionally, the way the case turns your screen off when you close it is amazingly simple but also amazingly helpful. No more messing with the misplaced power button, you just close the case and put it in your pocket.


Just Plain Cool

When the Dot View Case first came out, there was no denying that the retro look was fun and whimsical but there was no option to change it, you got the black background and the text and you can’t change anything. Granted, the only options are for theme, how long the screen will stay on after you double tap it, whether or not to show call history, and which of the 4 apps it will show notifications for. The theme is the fun part. You can use one of the 18 included themes or you can load any picture you want and dotify it.

The Verdict

While all of the functionality and customization is nice, occasionally I’ve found the flap to be a tiny bit annoying when trying to do things one handed. Gaming is actually pretty comfortable because the flap is one the left side so it ends up on the bottom when turning the phone sideways to play a game. It’s no longer $50, it’s under $30 on Amazon so if you have an HTC One (M8), this is the case for you.

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