Watch Our First Facebook Live Right Here!

Watch Our First Facebook Live Right Here!

A few hours ago we went live on FaceBook for the first time with Jessica Naziri. Video content has become the most trending method of user interaction on the web, and we want to utilize the same for interacting with our users and fans. In fact, statistics say that nearly 90% users find product videos more useful in the decision-making process. While we have started exploring this side of content delivery on our FaceBook and Instagram, it was time to take that step ahead and do something bigger. So, we came up with our first FaceBook live where Jessica Naziri personally reviewed some of the best holiday gifts for tech lovers.

Jessica Naziri Taking Over for Gadget Flow

Join our first #FacebookLive this Wednesday at 3 pm EST. We'll be showcasing the Best Tech Gifts of 2016 – New Holiday Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers with Jessica Elizabeth Naziri

Posted by Gadget Flow on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Now, let’s get some more details on the products that were discussed here:

HiMirror – Smart Beauty Mirror

From analyzing your skin tone to dark circles to acne, HiMirror will help you meet your beauty goals in a smart way. It uses the power of Big Data for custom-built skincare routines and is one of the best ways you can keep a check on your facial beauty in a much simpler way.

Alcatel Idol 4S VR Package

It is a cool smartphone and VR goggles package from Alcatel that will make you experience the power of VR at an affordable price. You just have to activate the VR launcher app on your Idol 4S, and that’s just about it. What you get to explore is a virtual world that we have never come across before.

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Alcatel Idol 4S review


Getting a super-stable Wi-Fi at every corner of your house won’t be a challenge with Eero. It creates a mesh network that blankets any size or shape home in fast, reliable WiFi. A set of three Eeros is typically perfect to cover an entire home.

iOgrapher Case for iPhone

Holding your iPhones steady while taking a video can be a challenge. But not if you have iOgrapher by your side. This filmmaking case is all about keeping your iPhone steady and taking those perfect shots as and when you wish to.


This is an advanced 3D printing pen designed for the creative professionals. Use it to give shapes to your ideas in 3D and create anything you wish to. From 3D names to phone cases, the list is limitless.

Those were our favorite holiday gift ideas for tech lovers. Till we come up with our next FaceBook, live, stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the video session in the comments below.

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