These inflatable bags can help you in an emergency

Wouldn't it be great if your everyday bag could also double as survival gear? With the MVB Life & Living Backpack Series inflatable bags, that's entirely possible. These eco-friendly backpacks turn into floatation devices, making them an ideal part of your travel and everyday get-up

These inflatable bags can help you in an emergency
Using a MVB Life & Living Backpack While Jumping in a Lake

You know that when you travel—whether you’re crossing the globe or just going for a drive around town—emergency situations happen. Life is unpredictable that way. But you can prepare for them with gear that does more than just help you through day-to-day life. I’m talking about everyday items that can throw you a lifeline in an emergency. Accessories like the MVB Life & Living Backpack Series inflatable bags.

These aren’t your typical everyday carry bags. Winner of the 2019 Hong Kong Smart Design award, these bags boast a premium design and use sleek, versatile, and neutral materials. Also, its fabric is as soft as leather but don’t let that fool you. These bags are extremely durable and will protect your work laptop to work, hike essentials, and all your other must-have items for when you leave the house.

This bag is 100% waterproof

Waterproof bags have been around for a while now. Let’s face it, nobody likes having their papers and electronics destroyed just because they got caught in the odd rainstorm. But what makes the MVB Life & Living Backpack different is its patent-pending double zipper construction that gives the bag an airtight, waterproof ability. It also makes zipping super easy. So go ahead, take this bag kayaking and wear it even when you haven’t taken your umbrella. Your stuff will stay dry.

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags with a Man on a Bike

A backpack that inflates

That’s right; if you need to (hopefully you won’t), you can use this bag as a floatation device. You can either blow air into the one-way nozzle with your mouth or with the company’s air pump. The air only releases when you press the yellow button inside the nozzle. Then the bag turns into a pressure-resistant floatation device that you can hold onto until help arrives—even if your bag is packed with things.

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags on a Man’s Back

This super-strong everyday bag can turn into a cushion

Is your office chair a little on the uncomfortable side? Or what about those rickety chairs on the porch of that quaint restaurant? With these inflatable bags, you won’t have to suffer a sore backside. Simply fill the MVB Life & Living Backpack Series with air and you’ll have an instant cushion you can take everywhere. Use it as a booster seat for the kids or as additional back support. What’s more, these backpacks are super strong. The outer material has 32 layers of dupont kevlar, making it a military-grade construction that’s sure to protect everything you’ve got inside.

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags as a Flotation Device

The four-in-one style options make this bag versatile

The best backpacks adapt to your needs. That’s why you can wear the MVB Life & Living Backpack Series in four ways: backpack, crossbody bag, side bag, and handbag because your carry needs are different depending on what you’re doing. So while cross-body might be great for carrying your bag from the parking lot to the office, a backpack carry style might be easier for airport travel. Both shoulder straps remove completely for a handbag style and the cross-body style keeps the bag securely against you.

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags

MVB Life & Living Backpack Series Indestructible Bags in a Pool

This pack is easy to clean

Bags get dirty, but you don’t always have the time to wait for them to dry. So sometimes you skip a cleaning or two until the perfect washing opportunity arrives. With these inflatable bags, however, you’ll never have to put up with a dirty bag again. That’s because MVB Life & Living Backpack Series boasts a material that only requires a quick rinse to remove dirt and dries instantly. That’s right, you won’t have to wait for these bags to dry out before you can use them again.

A feature-rich bag that rises to every occasion

These inflatable bags come in two thicknesses: a 3.5-inch depth and a 5-inch thickness. You can also purchase the laptop bag that holds up to a 15-inch laptop, an accessory bag, and a steel hydro bottle. Finally, a badge with the MVB logo is embossed on every bag and comes in seven colors.

An eco-friendly backpack

You’ll also feel great using the MVB Life & Living Backpack Series because they’re made with TPU, an advanced material that’s more sustainable than alternatives containing toxic materials. TPU is recyclable and biodegradable and it will break down in the soil in 3-5 years. That’s a backpack anyone can feel great about purchasing.

These inflatable bags are more than just a way to tote your essentials around. They can be a lifeline in an emergency situation. But these backpacks aren’t bulky, unimaginative survival gear. They’re also stylish, modern bags you can wear every day and they clean conveniently. It’s great for professionals and anyone who likes to be out and about.

The bags in the MVB Life & Living Backpack Series cost $113 and you can preorder them on Kickstarter.

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