This Innovative Wallet Holds Much More Than Money

This Innovative Wallet Holds Much More Than Money

Just like smartphones, wallets have been dieting in recent times. In many cases, the slimmer designs are welcome. In other instances, you simply lose storage options. No such worries with Arceo Wallet — this slimline carbon fiber container holds your cards, cash, keys, and more.

– Wallet is made from modern materials to last a lifetime

– Internal spring tensioning system will not fade like elastic

– Modular key and EDC organizer uses magnets for easy yet secure access

A very innovative wallet

Take a moment to consider all the items that are stuffed into your pockets as you leave the house. The list might include cards, bills, coins, keys, tools, medications, stress spinners, and chewing gum. Just to name a small sample, that is.

With Arceo Wallet, you can keep the whole lot in one durable case. This innovative wallet is precision-milled from carbon fiber in Canada. The design allows you to carry your everyday essentials in comfort. In addition, the combination of modern materials should mean this wallet lasts a lifetime.

Inside the sleek racing-car exterior, Arceo has space for 14 cards plus cash. Your finances are locked in place by a spring-tensioned mechanism until you reach checkout. Then, simply squeeze the base to release the tension. This means you have instant access to your money, but with complete peace of mind.

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There is an enclosed compartment for coins and small tools, which is held shut by strong magnets. You could easily carry a few dollars and some Allen wrenches here. For better security, you could choose to keep your cash out of sight in this compartment.

On the outside, a modular carry system keeps your keys organized. The embedded locknut works as a hinge, so you can flip out your keys for use. It also works well for thumb drives and utility knives.

“The Arceo wallet is designed to raise the bar for what a 21st century wallet should be.  Each wallet is precision CNC milled in our Canadian machine shop and hand finished.” — Arceo Wallet on Kickstarter

What we ❤️

The quality is outstanding — Arceo is made from carbon fiber, stainless steel, brass, and ultra-strong G10.

Future designs

Aside from an integrated Flux Capacitor, there isn’t much this design is missing.


You can pre-order the Arceo Wallet right now via Kickstarter, where the project is currently raising funds. Prices start at CA$88 (approx. $64), with shipping due to begin in October.

What extras would you keep in the Arceo? Share your crazy ideas in the comments!

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