InsideCoach Smart Soccer Ball Helps You Grow As a Great Player

InsideCoach Smart Soccer Ball Helps You Grow As a Great Player

In an age where 70% of kids stop playing sports by the age of 13, it must be a huge concern for parents to keep their kids physically active in outdoor games and sports. All of us know that regular physical activity has a lot of health benefits. It builds your kids’ long term health and proves to be a really good engagement for them every day. Now, you must be wondering how to make these physical activities more entertaining for your kids so that they agree to switch their video games hours with some outdoor fun. I know it’s tough but the team behind InsideCoach did make it easy with their first smart soccer ball. Yes, you heard that right!

Play Soccer The Smart Way

InsideCoach is a football or soccer ball which has been incorporated with motion detection technology. As a result, once you start using this ball, it will collect and report data to your iPhone or Android device which includes statistics such as force, trajectory, spin, number of passes and number of touches. This data is then used to provide coaching cues to help you improve your game.

InsideCoach Smart Soccer Ball Helps You Grow As a Great Player

The team has also integrated sensors within the football/soccer ball to help young and not so young athletes stay motivated and develop their skills. That way, your kid will now be able to connect to the world of physical activities without doing away with their digital side.

Take Challenges and Climb Up the Dashboard

Coming to the features offered by the InsideCoach mobile app, players can challenge each other to games that will help improve in improving their skills even more. Once they accept a particular challenge and complete it, they can then compare their results in real time. These challenges include Number of Touches, Number of Passes, Power Kicks, Spin etc.

InsideCoach Smart Soccer Ball Helps You Grow As a Great Player

In the long run, they can watch for the top position in the leaderboard and thus stay motivated for a better game every single day. Those who struggle to have that ideal coach for training, InsideCoach can surely work as your savior in that field. Together with the ball and mobile app, players can have real-time coaching feedback through their earphones in real-time to keep them motivated in order to continue developing their skills.

Make InsideCoach Your Personal Trainer

To add to this, there are how-to videos built into the App which shows you step by step techniques and helps you perfect your skill that way. It’s undoubtedly perfect for any level of a football/soccer player. Even coaches and trainers will benefit from InsideCoach.

InsideCoach Smart Soccer Ball Helps You Grow As a Great Player

They can assign specific exercises for a player to perform or even monitor their players’ progress and reward them however you like. Since InsideCoach is an open architecture, more third party apps can be developed within the system in the near future. This will give choices to players for a better game in the future.

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The smart soccer ball comes with a four hour play time and can be recharged wirelessly by resting on Qi pad technology. It will connect via WiFi to your iPhone or Android smart device for long range connection and real time data transfer. Coming at a pre-order price of $99 and $75 (for developer’s edition), InsideCoach is indeed the future of how you can improve your soccer skills. Take it smart now! Happy Gadgeting!

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