This intelligent litter box is the innovative way to care for your cat

You love your cat, but you're not so thrilled about how her litter tray looks in your living room. But what if you could get an aesthetically-pleasing litter box that also monitors your cat's health? It's possible with the SPACE KOTTY. This unique kitty litter box monitors your cat's health and helps you avoid potentially chronic illnesses. It also looks great in your home.

This intelligent litter box is the innovative way to care for your cat
SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box With a Cat Sitting

When your cat is sick, you can feel pretty helpless. After all, she can’t tell you what’s bothering her. Many times when cats have a health issue, their bathroom habits can be a pretty good indicator of what’s wrong. But we have busy lives, and it’s entirely possible that you might miss something in the litter box. And that’s where the SPACE KOTTY smart cat litter box comes in. This intelligent litter box monitors your feline friend’s health by tracking her weight, how frequently she does her business, and more.

When you first see SPACE KOTTY smart cat litter box, you’ll notice that it’s not your typical litter box. With its modern design and luxurious shape, it looks more like a comfy cat bed. Also, the contemporary black and white color scheme blends into your home’s decor and makes for a great-looking smart pet gadget. Kitty is going to have fun jumping into this one. Best of all, this product comes in three versions: Design, Fresh, and Smart. So no matter what features you’re looking for, this litter tray has it.

Take care of your cat with this smart litter tray

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, veterinarians say that the early detection of health problems in cats is crucial to preventing potentially chronic diseases and disorders and can lead to a more favorable outcome. In fact, urologic conditions and obesity are quite common concerns. And SPACE KOTTY can monitor your kitty’s bathroom habits and weight, so you’ll always know where your cat’s health stands. This intelligent litter box tracks how often your cat visits the litter box, how much time she spends there, how much she deposits, and her weight.

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box With a Cat and its Owner

Get alerts and notifications about your cat’s health

SPACE KOTTY saves and analyzes the data it collects about your cat with algorithms developed alongside vet professionals. If this cat litter box detects a problem, it will send notifications to the app on your smartphone. Also, the cat-shaped LED light on the sides of this intelligent litter box will signal particular events. So, if there’s a severe event related to your cat’s health, the lights glow red and the litter box beeps along with other notifications.

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box Next to a Window

Reorder your litter automatically

One of the most convenient aspects of this product is that it automatically reorders litter when your supplies are running low. That’s right; you won’t have to go to the pet store or place an order every time you start to run out of kitty litter. SPACE KOTTY does this by monitoring the number of litter inserts that are RFID tagged. The app then keeps track of how many have been used versus how many are in stock. Then, it predicts when you’ll use up your supply. When you place the last litter insert in the litter box, the app automatically reorders more. Sounds like a pretty cool smart home gadget, doesn’t it? Your days of lugging home heavy boxes of kitty litter from the grocery store could be a thing of the past.

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box With a Cat and Owner

Monitor more than one cat

Have you got more than one cat? That’s not a problem for this intelligent litter box. SPACE KOTTY can monitor multiple cats. Each of your furry babies is recognized by an RFID gate at the litter box’s entrance that reads your cats’ RFID neck implant. Otherwise, if your cat doesn’t have this ID, you can use an RFID collar instead.

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box and a Cat

Minimize the cords in your home with this health-tracking litter box

No matter where you place this intelligent litter box, you don’t have to clutter the space with a mess of cords. That’s because SPACE KOTTY is cordless. It uses a battery power supply so you can place it anywhere in the house, not just near a convenient outlet. This also ensures that you’ll get uninterrupted information, even if the power goes out. Each full charge gives you about eight to 10 days of use. This is an optional feature for an additional cost.

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box

SPACE KOTTY Smart Cat Litter Box in a Living Room

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll definitely want to consider a SPACE KOTTY. This intelligent litter box will put your mind at ease since you know you’ll always have the most informed data about your cat’s health. Finally, with its lovely design, this will be a litter box both you and Mittens can be proud of.

SPACE KOTTY smart cat litter box costs $59, and you and preorder it on Kickstarter.

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