How to upgrade your internet security with the Fortigis VPN router

With cyber crime at an all-time high, digital security is something we should all be thinking about. The new Fortigis VPN router aims to provide plug-in protection for your personal data.

How to upgrade your internet security with the Fortigis VPN router
  • In spite of these figures, only around 5% of Internet users in the USA use a virtual private network.
  • The new Fortigis VPN router wants to make it easier to secure your online world. This plug-in-and-play gatekeeper even uses AI to protect your devices.

It’s easy to think of the Internet as a safe playground. After all, few of us have experienced cybercrime. But times are changing. The number of digital felonies being committed has risen rapidly over the past five years. If the current trend continues, Wi-Fi skimming will soon be a greater danger to your personal finances than any pickpocket. Perhaps the easiest way to protect yourself is by installing the new Fortigis VPN router. This innovative Wi-Fi base station stops online attacks and provides valuable online privacy by routing your data away from prying eyes.

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Instant protection

Instant internet security

It’s easy to bury your head in the sand with regard to internet security. But as the cybercrime wave spreads, it’s time to starting locking your digital doors.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is probably the best way to secure your connection. This technology reroutes your data in order to cause a misdirection. As a result, neither government agencies nor malicious hackers can access your personal data.

Normally speaking, setting up a VPN can be fiddly. But the Fortigis router has VPN protection built in. Consequently, every device on your home network is automatically protected.

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Automatic security

Protecting your data

Rather than replacing your standard router, Fortigis actually works in tandem with your current setup. The stylish wood-clad device connects with your router via Wi-Fi, acting as a wireless gatekeeper.

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The Fortigis app

To get started, you simply need to download the companion smartphone app (or log in online). This gives you access to a plethora of settings — although there is no compulsion to mess with any of them.

[tweet_box]This innovative Wi-Fi base station stops online attacks and provides valuable online privacy by routing your data away from prying eyes.[/tweet_box]

With the router installed, you instantly get several layers of protection. Wi-Fi control lets you pick and choose which devices should be able to access your network. Enterprise-level encryption makes it impossible for hackers to skim your passwords and credit card info. The built-in VPN also ensures that no site can record your IP address or physical location.

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Total control

VPN considerations

It must be noted that you will need to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy VPN protection after the first year. IndieGoGo backers pay $99 for the second year, but the normal price is $144. While this is certainly affordable, it’s at the premium end of VPN services.

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Good…but pricey

A far bigger issue is that you can’t use the router with any other VPN provider. In addition, the folks behind Fortigis will store your data for 30 days. For some potential users, this may be a serious turn-off.

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Smart upgrades

However, the reason for storing this data is perfectly legitimate. If one of these routers intercepts an attack, every other Fortigis device in the world gets a security update. This intelligent system allows Fortigis owners to enjoy some digital herd immunity.

“Fortigis is a wireless router that provides VPN protection, web security, and better visibility on your home network. Fortigis works along with your existing router and is easily managed via an app. With Fortigis you will have peace of mind about your home network.” — Fortigis on IndieGoGo

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Your Internet guardian

Security smarts

VPN protection is nothing new, but this method of delivery is much rarer. The Fortigis router is a great security upgrade for non-techies.

Question marks

A little more clarity regarding the VPN service would appease security experts. Compatibility with third-party services would also be a step in the right direction.


– IndieGoGo: Until April 20th

– Pledge: $199 USD

– Delivery: October 2018

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