Invergo Pour-Over Coffee System Puts the Control at Your Fingertips

Invergo Pour-Over Coffee System Puts the Control at Your Fingertips

What goes into your morning cup of coffee? I’m not talking about milk, cream, or sugar, but instead the process of obtaining the ideal cup. Bad cups of coffee and great cups of coffee are both made with only two ingredients: coffee beans and water. So, how do you ensure you get the best? With Invergo.

Invergo is an automated pour-over coffee system. By refining the variables; such as brew volume, steeping time, water temperature, and brewing apparatus; the Invergo delivers delicious coffee every time.

As you probably already know, most coffee makers don’t offer much control over function other than the size of the serving. With Invergo, you can select the exact temperature between 150F and 205F, the exact amount, and even the steeping time right on the easy to read touchscreen. You’re even able to save favourites so everyone in the household is just one button away from the perfect cup.

But, Invergo has all the bells in addition to the whistles. Outfitted with patented motion brew technology, all of the coffee grounds are evenly saturated to bring out the best flavours. To achieve this, a mechanism at the top produces a single stream of water which rotates in a hypotrochoid pattern. The base of Invergo is large enough to fit vessels from 6 ounces up to 40 ounces. The brewing shelf is also removable to fit a Chemex or even a French press.

Invergo controls

The creators of Invergo understand that every type of coffee is different and each must be brewed in its own unique way. With all of the controls literally at your fingertips, you can brew every cup exactly how it should be. To manage these controls, Invergo is rich with the latest technology. Inside the machine are three different temperature sensors, a PAD controller, as well as an instant water heater. Invergo comes with its own ceramic pour-over cone but works with a variety of popular brands such as Harido.

Invergo colours

The proof of Invergo’s quality is in the pudding (or coffee!). Using a refractometer, a device that measure how many particles have been removed form the coffee, Invergo trumps drip machines, manual methods, and even pod machines both in extraction and dissolved solids percentages.

Invergo ceramics

Coming with two ceramic mugs, a 40-ounce carafe, and two sizes of brewing cones, the Invergo system can be purchased for just $224 and will be ready to ship in October.

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