The KAISR Boss is an Inflatable Couch for Everywhere You Go

The KAISR Boss is an Inflatable Couch for Everywhere You Go

A few months ago, I wrote about KAISR, an inflatable lounge chair. Now, the creators are back with their groundbreaking innovation to bring you the KAISR Boss.

Just like the original, this inflatable sofa self-inflates. You simply open the end seam, scoop the opening through the air, and roll it closed. The seal created on the end helps to make the air inside the KAISR Boss more compact. Once inflated, the KAISR Boss offers you a superbly comfortable place to have a seat and rest.

kaisr inflatable

This new design of the KAISR Boss makes the inflation process much easier. The opening on this new model is wider which allows even more air to fill the compartment inside. Thanks to this, it requires fewer scoops of air so you spend less time assembling and more time relaxing.

innovative sofa with air

In addition to the wider opening, the KAISR Boss also holds more than the original. This bad boy can hold an impressive 900 liters of air to keep you comfortable and feeling like a boss whether you’re at the beach or at a concert.

kaisr boss inflatable with bag

Despite the large size of this ultra-comfy sofa, the KAISR Boss can be easily and effortlessly packed away when it’s not in use. Folding down to just a fraction of the inflated size, the KAISR Boss is tucked into the included carrying bag to be convenient for taking anywhere and everywhere. You’ll feel like a total boss and you’ll always have a seat to rest no matter where you go.

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In true KAISR form, the KAISR Boss is available in multiple colors to suit your style. From the iconic bright orange to a more serene sky blue, you’ll certainly find the one that’s right for you. Or maybe three.

inflatable sofa

With their Black Friday Deal, the KAISR Boss is currently on sale with a three-for-one price. Yes, you read that correctly. For only $129, you and two friends can truly live like bosses with the KAISR Boss. But, you’d better act fast as this deal has an expiration date.

Inflatable furniture is more than fun; where will you use yours?

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