Keep tabs on your health with the KEZ biorhythm and GPS-tracking wearable

Respond immediately to emergencies with a small child or older adult when they wear the KEZ. It tracks GPS location, health stats, and movement.

Keep tabs on your health with the KEZ biorhythm and GPS-tracking wearable
KEZ is a biorhythm and GPS-tracking wearable

Stay informed about a loved one’s health and location with the KEZ biorhythm wearable. This GPS-tracking bracelet has a biosensor that measures blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. It sends that information to a caregiver in an emergency.

KEZ biorhythm and GPS-tracking wearable in white

Do you care for an older adult or a young child? This biorhythm wearable ensures you can receive updates about their health and location in an emergency. Equipped with innovative technology, it helps you come to their aid sooner.

Receive real-time biorhythm monitoring

While GPS trackers can pinpoint your loved one’s location, most don’t track their bio stats. And that’s what makes this biorhythm wearable unique.

It’s designed to work when the wearer’s stats (heart rhythm, blood pressure, temperature, and activity) reach abnormal levels. When it notices unusual results, it sends a notification to guardians and caregivers.

Not only that, but KEZ’s patented algorithm can also tell the difference between an intense workout and an emergency based on the wearer’s body.

That way, guardians and caregivers are only notified about urgent situations. Say your dad takes a long walk every morning. This device can tell the difference between a heart-thumping trek uphill and the impact of a fall.

Get video recordings during emergencies

Sometimes an accident leaves a person unable to reach out for help, which can lead to a very dangerous situation. In these instances, the KEZ wearable has a secret: emergency recordings.

If this innovative wearable finds that its wearer can’t move following an accident, the device will automatically record the surroundings for 15 seconds with a 180° rotation camera. The video gets sent to the wearer’s guardian, so they can see where their loved one is and view their health status.

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Track your loved one’s GPS location

In addition to the video, this biorhythm wearable also sends your loved one’s GPS location. After viewing the situation, you can assess what actions you should take.

These features amount to tremendous advances in caregiving. Now, instead of being able to see an older adult only from their home’s smart cam, you can view them whenever and wherever there’s an emergency with this wearable.

Receive SOS alerts in 40 seconds or fewer

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about a long delay from when an emergency happens to when the device sends your alert. According to the company’s Indiegogo page, you’ll get a message in 40 seconds or fewer.

The emergency alert records the immediate danger and captures a video of the wearer’s surroundings. That way, you can take quick action whenever there’s a need.

Thanks to its LTE/3G connection, the KEZ can send an alert even if it isn’t connected to Wi-Fi. So it’s not limited to location, which is a relief for guardians everywhere.

Check out the PPG sensor technology

The sensor in this biorhythm wearable is a high-quality PPG sensor that uses a light-based technology to track blood flow in real time.

In fact, the sensor works using data sent from the IMU sensor, allowing movement and bio data to be analyzed together to detect an emergency.

Learn about the IMU sensor

So what is the IMU sensor? The company says it measures motion and immobility of the body. Using both gyroscopes and accelerometers, it can sense irregular movement compared to regular activity.

This allows the emergency device to accurately know when the wearer has an accident.

See who should wear this bio-tracking GPS device

We already mentioned that the KEZ wearable is ideal for older adults and young children. For elder care, it’s specifically helpful for Alzheimer’s patients or those at risk for a stroke or heart attack.

For children, the bracelet can be helpful if the child goes missing, experiences a sudden emergency, or suffers from a heat stroke. The company says hospital or rehab patients are also good candidates for this device as it can lead to immediate medical response if there is a loss of consciousness.

Read our verdict on the KEZ biorhythm wearable

Is the KEZ worth owning? The answer is a resounding yes if you care for an older person or a child. This practical wearable notes the wearer’s normal movement and biorhythms, sending notifications to caregivers whenever something’s off.

Even better, the device automatically records the situation if it notices that the wearer isn’t moving. Overall, this gadget keeps guardians informed about their loved one’s health and whereabouts, helping them make faster decisions.

Preorder the KEZ for $199 on Indiegogo. What devices do you use to keep the people you love safe? Tell us!

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