KiiTAG 2: Digital Survival Tool For The Modern Man

KiiTAG 2: Digital Survival Tool For The Modern Man

Having a gadget for everything is great but can be counterproductive.

Carrying a bag full of electronics is inconvenient, especially when you’re in a hurry. But now there’s a digital tool that combines life’s essentials into one, tiny device.

KiiTAG 2 with flashlight

One Gadget to Rule Them All

The KiiTag 2 is a digital Swiss Knife that has all the gadgets you need to get through the day. It serves as a power bank with 2 hours of juice to keep your other electronic devices going. If you need to hold files, the small tool comes with 8GB or 16GB flash memory.

What if you need to stay connected? No problem. Inside the gadget is a built-in USB/micro USB lightning cable to help you access data from a computer or even charge it if you don’t want to use the power bank. If you’re the adventure type who likes to wander around, the flashlight feature is just what you need.

KiiTAG 2 as keychain being held by person

App Functionality Like You’ve Never Seen it

The developers could’ve stopped at the external features, but they didn’t. The KiiTag 2 offers a wide range of commands that can be customized through the official app. Individuals have the ability to program a button for playing sound effects, faking a phone call, taking selfies (remote camera shutter) and more.

For Android users, remote phone answering and voice recording are available.

KiiTAG 2 open display

Find Your Keys With the Help of Others

Losing your keys is a major setback, even on the weekends. The KiiTag 2 boasts a reliable key finder for these troubling times. Furthermore, the company has its own integrated cloud community that can actually help you find lost items through notifications!

Now that’s impressive.

The KiiTag 2 works on all major platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. There’s really no excuse for missing out on this superior product. Get it now!

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