Meet Ko-Axis, the pen that will make you want to write

Thanks to a unique low-profile design, the Ko-Axis pen by TEC accessories offers a great everyday writing experience.

Meet Ko-Axis, the pen that will make you want to write
  • While digital notes might seem convenient, psychologists say that handwriting is still vital when we’re learning.
  • In this age of instant communication, people also value handwritten notes above digital messages.
  • The Ko-Axis pen helps you write more by providing a comfortable shape for your hands to grip.

According to science, writing by hand can unlock parts of your brain that are otherwise dormant. Studies suggest that no amount of tapping on keyboards and touchscreens can replace the action of inscribing ink letters on a paper page. Yet most of us think of handwriting as a chore. The Ko-Axis Rail Pen by TEC Accessories might just change this outlook, thanks to an ergonomic design that will make you want to write. In addition, the pen is small enough to take everywhere.

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A new type of pen

Making you want to write

When children are learning to write and draw, we give them pens that are short and fat. Why? Because these implements are easier and more comfortable to work with.

As our hands grow to adult size, we start using regular ballpoints. While these slimmer pens offer finer control than crayons, you can only grip them by curling your hand into an unnatural position.

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In contrast, the Ko-Axis is much more ergonomic. It measures only 4.5 inches long, but the rectangular design means you don’t need to form that “pinch” with your fingers. The retractable nib glides smoothly across your chosen paper medium, and you can replace the hidden ink cartridge in seconds. As a result, your ideas shouldn’t ever be cut short.

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Ergonomic control

EDC elegance

Of course, a pen is only useful when you need to write. While your weighty fountain pen will be left behind on your desk, the Ko-Axis is designed to go everywhere.

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A truly pocket pen

This pen is based around two parallel metal rails. They form the skeleton, onto which all the other parts attach. This unique design means that the Ko-Axis is surprisingly light. The pen also has a built-in clip that can latch onto your top pocket or your notebook cover.

The retractable nib is controlled by the finger grip, which slides smoothly along the aforementioned rails. On the inside, the nib is attached directly to a standard D1 ink cartridge. To change the cartridge, you simply pull the nib out.

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That clip is pretty useful

The Ko-Axis comes in two different body types and multiple colors. For the classic metallic look, you can get the aluminum version. If you want colors, one of the titanium pens should meet your needs.

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Stunning titanium blue

It would be a mistake to get too carried away with all this engineering wizardry. The Ko-Axis is just a pen, after all. But if you’re looking for a pragmatic yet stylish writing companion, this pen should be near the top of your list.

“The Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen leverages the benefits of a flat, wide, rectangular geometry for unparalleled writing comfort and low-profile carry. Rather than cramping your fingers around a thin cylindrical shaft, you can embrace your writing instrument in a more natural way that provides long term comfort with less tension on your fingers.” — TEC Accessories on Kickstarter

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Tiny but perfectly formed

The highs

Gorgeous design meets EDC compactness in this beautifully designed pen.

The lows

It’s quite pricey for a pocket pen. Furthermore, some people may prefer to write with something longer.


– Kickstarter: Until March 29th

– Pledge: $49 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get two additional ink refills!

– Delivery: July 2018

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