Kombine is a water bottle with secure storage on the side

Those of us who try to stay hydrated can rarely be found without a bottle of water nearby. The folks behind Kombine recognized this habit, and created a bottle with secure storage for cards, keys, and other small items.

Kombine is a water bottle with secure storage on the side
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As the message about waste in our oceans has finally hit home, there has been an explosion in demand for reusable bottles. Some are made from BPA-free plastic, others from stainless steel. There are large bottles and small bottles; stylish ones and plain ones.

One thing we had yet to see was a water bottle that does more than carry water. But then Kombine came along. This unique water bottle has a built-in storage pouch that is the perfect size for your credit card, your gym pass, your keys, and even your earbuds.

Can a water bottle replace your gym bag?

That might be a stretch. But Kombine can certainly hold most of what you need for a quick trip down to the gym.

To the casual observer, Kombine looks like a regular reusable bottle. It’s largely see-through, with a secure top and a 21-ounce water capacity. The bottle is slim enough to squeeze into most cup holders, while the integrated drinking straw ensures you won’t spill a drop.

secure storage - Kombine is a water bottle with secure storage on the side

Is Kombine the perfect water bottle?

However, one side of the bottle looks slightly different from the other. What appears to be a colored panel is actually a revolving door, which rotates to reveal a secure storage area.

This little cupboard, known as the Swing Vault, has a capacity similar to that of a small pencil case. It’s a good spot for storing your earbuds, your protein bar, and your gym pass.

Secure storage

secure storage - Kombine is a water bottle with secure storage on the side

Kombine provides secure storage in the gym

But why you would want to store valuable items on your water bottle?

There are three main reasons. Firstly, your water bottle is always with you. It’s never left tucked in an unattended bag or hidden in a locker. It’s also relatively unlikely to get left behind.

secure storage - Kombine is a water bottle with secure storage on the side

Kombine is always with you

Reason two is convenience. Instead of stuffing your pockets with cards, keys and snacks, you can carry everything with Kombine.

Finally, no-one would expect to find valuable items concealed on a water bottle. As a result, Kombine is much more secure than many other options.

Aside from the gym, Kombine is perfect for taking to work, on vacation, and into the great outdoors.

“Easily carry what you need with the Kombine. Ideal for daily use, this eco-friendly water bottle has a built-in Swing Vault. It’s big and secure enough to stash your keys, earbuds, or even credit cards and energy bars.” — Kombine

Innovative water bottle

We really like the thinking behind Kombine. For anyone who likes to stay hydrated, this secure storage water bottle makes a lot of sense.

Genuinely portable?

The one downside of the storage space is that the bottle has to be bigger. If you’re looking for a compact bottle, this isn’t it.


– Pre-order: via aBanBan.com

– Price: $18 USD

– Delivery: May 2019

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