KUAI MultiSport Biometric Headphones is Your New-Gen Training Expert

KUAI MultiSport Biometric Headphones is Your New-Gen Training Expert

With wearable technology and virtual reality literally revolutionizing the way we lead our lives, it’s not unexpected for sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts to desire products that’ll help them track their fitness data in an easier way. More importantly, I guess they deserve gadgets which are easier to carry and operate while they are in action. I won’t say that we haven’t come across such innovation in sports till date but I still feel that most of these gadgets are targeted for a single sport alone. There are smart helmets for bicyclists, goggles for skiers, smart wearable tech for swimmers and so on but I’m yet to discover something that would work under every situation. This also includes the gym where tracking your fitness data has become one of the key concerns. But carrying separate gadgets to serve each of these requirements will be a total mess for sure! Not if you have the KUAI MultiSport Biometric Headphones.

Uses a Patented Biometric Sensor Technology

Coming from three marathoners, triathletes and Ironmen with backgrounds in Software Development, Electronic Engineering and International Business, KUAI is a fantastic headset that monitors your sports performance with a patented biometric sensor technology. The best aspect of this pair of headphones is the fact that they give you live voice feedback and coaching. You can also answer your calls and listen to music or use it as a normal set of headphones otherwise.


One Gadget For All Your Sports

What makes the pair worth a buy is the easy-to-use form factor which is devoid of wires and won’t require and additional tracking system either. The product includes a heart rate monitor, footpod, sport watch, music headset and virtual coach into one amazing product that is very comfortable to use and waterproof up to 3 meters. So whether it’s swimming, cycling, running, triathlon or a simple day at the gym, the KUAI headphones can help you track your sports and fitness data everywhere you go.


Voice Feedback Works as a Personal Coach

The metric you get to analyse with KUAI are heart rate, calories, VO2 Max, Distance, Cadence and Speed/Race. Since it’s a multisport tool, the burden of carrying multiple gadgets to serve every sports data analysis won’t be a difficulty anymore. Additionally, you can also download training plans or create your own custom workouts and enjoy a voice feedback whenever you need them. On the other hand, we know that music helps in enhancing your sports performance so you can easily use these headphones to listen to your favorite voice tracks whenever you’re working out.


Downloadable Training Plans from Professional Athletes

The first time you use KUAI, you need to do a simple test in order to calculate your personal heart rate zones. This will help the headphones to calibrate a unique stride depending on your personal health status. The professional training plans you’ll be able to download comes from the top athletes from around the world so you can very well imagine the quality of fitness schedule and plans you’ll be able to achieve from them.


The training plans can be stored inside the headphones internal memory which means you can workout without your phones by your side too! By using the corresponding mobile app (Android and iOS), you’ll be able to check your data and compete with friends or even transfer music to your headset as and when required.


Ergonomic Design With 3 Types of Eartips

Regarding the design and fit, the KUAI headphones come with an ergonomic design and a comfortable fit for most sports enthusiasts out there. As told on their Kickstarter page, “Kuai comes with 3 types of eartips for use during different sports which provides an extra layer of security, comfort and performance.” Currently on Kickstarter, KUAI is available in three colors (black, white and limited edition of Kickstarter green) and at a pre-order price of $99 only. Tracking your sports data and getting guided with automatic voice feedback was never this easy. Happy Gadgeting!

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