Land Rover’s Transparent Bonnet Is Part Of A ‘New Age Of Discovery’

Land Rover’s Transparent Bonnet Is Part Of A ‘New Age Of Discovery’

This week’s fresh tech innovation is straight out of Q’s arsenal. It’s truly a bond-afide Bond gadget, and like Bond, it hails from England. Unlike Bond, it doesn’t have a license to kill. In fact, it’s sort of engineered to help you avoid death and other sticky situations in your vehicle.

Land Rover’s developed an incredible new piece of technology for their Jaguar Land Rover Discovery Vision concept car: Transparent Bonnet. And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Okay, not exactly. The hood isn’t actually transparent. Even if it were, it wouldn’t do the driver much good, due to a little necessary hangup in most cars called the “engine”. But the transparent hood does give the driver a view of what’s happening on the ground beneath the hood, using a camera mounted on the grille.

There are already cars on the market that use cameras to give drivers a better idea of what’s going on outside of the vehicle. Most of them, however, are mounted on the front or the rear of the car and are limited to a displaying the camera’s feed on a screen in the cabin, which is integrated into the car’s interior with varying degrees of success.

What sets Transparent Bonnet apart is that it isn’t just a camera mounted on the grille. The camera sends the feed to the car’s computer, which accounts for the height difference between the camera’s POV and the driver’s POV and adjusts the footage accordingly. From there, the feed is displayed on the Heads Up Display (HUD) in the Smart Windscreen.


Ain’t Augmented Reality Grand?

The part of off-road driving that we don’t often see is the stop-to-check portion of the adventure. Rock crawling, for example, often requires physically getting out of the vehicle to check the path ahead, especially when the vehicle is ascending a steep hill.

Transparent Bonnet is engineered to stop treacherous terrain from sucking the fun out of your off-road adventure. With a clear view of the road ahead and below your vehicle, stopping shouldn’t be necessary nearly as often. What’s more, the HUD incorporates several valuable pieces of information, such as the tire pressure and tachometer.


Transparent Bonnet Is Tailor-Made For The Vehicular Adventurer, But Remains Cool On The Commute

Though many who purchase Land Rovers may have big plans for taking it off-road, it’s almost definitely going to be on-road the majority of the time. And while Transparent Bonnet is really in its element in the elements, it will almost definitely prove useful in-town as well. Avoiding potholes just became a hundred times easier, and pretty much any parking lot in the world serves as proof that some people can never have too much help when it comes to stopping their car in the correct place.

While Transparent Bonnet is not yet available to the public, the hope is that it won’t be long before it’s an option on Land Rover models in some form. Following the lineage of power steering, airbags and sat nav systems, Transparent Bonnet could very well be the beginning of one of the next great innovations in motor history.

And Transparent Bonnet isn’t the only innovation coming out of Jaguar Land Rover. After announcing their partnership with Virgin Galactic, they’ve announced that they’ve got even bigger and better plans for innovating the future of mobility. Stayed tuned for more news on what Land Rover has dubbed the ‘New Age of Discovery’.

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