This cute lawn robot is powered by AI

When you look at your neat, trimmed lawn, you feel a certain sense of pride. It’s the best yard in the neighborhood. Yet cutting it every week—or sometimes even twice a week—can be troublesome, especially if you have a busy work schedule. That’s why you should check out the Toadi autonomous lawn robot. She’ll keep your lawn in top condition while you relax and recharge.

This cute lawn robot is powered by AI
Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot Next to a Pool

Oh, Saturday morning. The day when you can get up at your leisure and sip your coffee while you scroll through the news and watch what’s trending on YouTube. Unless—of course—you have to cut the grass. Because you know that’s a chore that’s best done mid-morning, once the dew has dried and the sun is higher in the sky. But there goes your lazy weekend morning. Or does it? With a lawn robot like Toadi, you might just be able to reclaim all of your Saturday mornings.

At first glance, Toadi looks like a toy monster truck with her heavy-duty front wheels and exterior shell. And her digital eyes that change depending on what she wants to communicate make her look human and friendly. Her design, however, takes some cues from the original Star Wars characters with Leia White, Solo Silver, and C3PO Gold options. Toadi is just as lovable as those characters, but she’s much more practical for use on Earth in 2020. And she raises the bar on what a lawn robot can do. That’s because she doesn’t just connect to a smartphone app, but she also boasts AI intelligence.

Maintain your grass with the help of AI

Sure, we’ve all seen autonomous lawnmowers, and maybe you already own one. Most robot lawnmowers, however, require quite a bit of setup to work correctly, and you might even need to install a pesky perimeter wire to keep your machine in its zone. Or you might need to connect to an unreliable GPS. Toadi, however, makes all these things unnecessary. That’s because she’s equipped with a 4K camera and AI that let her navigate around your yard autonomously. According to the company, this lawn robot sees and learns her way around your property—just as you would.

Keep your lawn neat and tidy no matter the terrain

Think a machine couldn’t possibly replicate a human-cut lawn? Think again. While there’s no question you’re the queen or king of lawn maintenance, you’ll be impressed by how tidy Toadi will keep your yard. She mows in straight lines, handles inclines up to 45%, and crosses zones without getting lost. And soon she’ll be able to cut borders just like a human would. She can also handle large areas up to 1.2 acres. So she’s great even if you have a large property. Best of all, Toadi uses mulching technology to keep your grass continually short and healthy.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot in Color Options

Protect your pets and belongings

If you have an active yard—kids playing soccer, Fido getting a little exercise, even chickens pecking outside their coop—you’re probably concerned about the safety of this lawn robot. Thankfully, Toadi realizes that life happens. So she’ll stop and go around if one of the kids steps in front of her or if she notices the odd shoe or toy.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot and a Path

Secure your yard

Toadi can also double as a security camera. When she’s is on her charger, her night vision camera can spot human, feline, and other intruders. If she detects unusual activity, she’ll take a photo of what she sees and send it to your phone. It’s like having a guard dog outside of your home all night. Only Toadi can actually show you who’s there. The company says that future updates will even allow Toadi to patrol your yard and guard an area.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot Next to Trees

Set up this smart lawnmower easily

With so many capabilities, you’d think that Toadi would be complicated to use. But you’d be wrong. Toadi is super easy to set up and run. Simply install the app, set up the charger, and take Toadi for a tour around your yard. She’ll create a map of what she sees, which she’ll follow forever.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot at Night

Support your local economy

Impressively, Toadi is 3D printed, which allows her to be assembled locally in each country of sale. This avoids shipping that’s harmful to the environment and supports your economy. Finally, you’ll be pleased to know that Toadi’s shell is entirely made of cornstarch.

We all love the look of a lush, green, trim lawn. And while you pride yourself on your status as lawn master or mistress, wouldn’t you love to have a lazy Saturday morning, every Saturday? You work hard all week long, and your weekend mornings should be all about relaxation. Toadi is the answer. For a lawn robot, she’s really in a class of her own with her artificial intelligence, cutting capabilities, and safety precautions. While I don’t have a yard of my own, I grew up with one that my dad still maintains. I know what gadget will make his garden work a good deal easier this year.

You can preorder the Toadi autonomous lawn robot for $2,454 on Kickstarter.

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot

Toadi Autonomous Lawn Robot on a Lawn

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