What is it Like Having an Extra iPhone E-Ink Display? Ask popSLATE!

What is it Like Having an Extra iPhone E-Ink Display? Ask popSLATE!

Did you know that around 89% of iPhone owners regularly use a case, out of which 53% own more than one case. Why? The answer is simple. We are always into customizing our goods so as to look different from the crowd. Now that the iPhone sales have shown a whopping rise in the last quarter, that urge to personalize your iPhones with fashionable cases can only be more. But don’t you think spending such a lot of money on a number of cases instead of one could be a waste at times. Yes, I know the feeling when you want your iPhone case to match with your mood or fashion statement but somewhere this whole I-want-a-different-case-for-every-occasion sounds like something we can avoid. Having said that, I think it’s time we needed a case like popSLATE.

popSLATE iphone 6 case with e-ink display

This is because it gives you the opportunity to customize your iPhone case depending on your mood, requirements and style. Oh, and ofcourse, it doesn’t ever forget to keep your iPhones safeguarded from unwanted damage on the way. Pretty amazing, right?

Put the Back of Your iPhone to Good Use

popSLATE came into the limelight two years back when they had launched a special case for iPhone 5 on Indiegogo. The most striking feature of this case is that it adds an additional E-Ink display to the back of your smartphone. This means you get an extra screen which is totally customizable and power saving at the same time.

popslate iphone case

Naturally, the campaign got tremendous success because this is not anything close to what your existing iPhone cases are like. It’s here to bring a change in the way we personalize our accessories and that’s why when popSLATE came up with their latest version for the iPhone 6, I couldn’t avoid writing about them.

popslate smartphone case

Founders Greg Moon and Yashar Behzadi had started with the concept of making popSLATE a case where you could display your pictures on the back of your iPhone screen. But eventually they discovered that this display could come handy in a lot of places.

popslate gives your iphone a second e-ink display

As told on their initial interview at Wired, “Our thinking really blew up when we realized that it was much more than a picture platform — that ‘always on,’ in fact, represents a totally novel smartphone use model.” Today, with the help of the popSLATE app, you can actually make use of the E-Ink display in ways you couldn’t have possibly imagined before.


Where Can popSLATE Be Useful?

Apart from using the case to display your favorite pictures, popSLATE can also work at important places such as the airport. You can use it to display your boarding pass even when the phone’s battery dies out. How about using it to display a map which will not require any additional power but will always help you track your route in the unknown lanes of new cities you explore. To-do lists, calendars, musical notes – popSLATE is here to give your iPhone a lot extra without consuming additional power along the way. It’s a thin and lightweight case no doubt but when it comes to keeping your iPhone safe, popSLATE knows how to do so.

popslate iphone case customizable

Use the App to Be More Creative

The popSLATE is the right tool you can use to open the doors of creativity while using the case. From exploring pics of rich content channels to sharing your own with the popSLATE community, your iPhone will always stand out from the crowd. Here are a couple of videos showing you how you can make good use of your popSLATE:

Available for your iPhone 6 at a pre-order price of $129, popSLATE is your one-stop hub to keeping your iPhones safe and customized forever. Gone are those days when you needed multiple cases for one iPhone. Get popSLATE now and share the experience with us in the comments below. Happy Gadgeting!

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