What Will You Listen to with the X-SHOCK True Wireless Earphones?

What Will You Listen to with the X-SHOCK True Wireless Earphones?

All too often, earphones that claim to be wireless are actually connected physically. Thankfully, the latest versions of Bluetooth have allowed earphones to break free of their shackles. While EarPods are the favorite with Apple fanboys, there’s a far more impressive new entrant. The X-SHOCK true wireless earphones offer superior sound quality and 60 hours of battery life with the supplied charging case. It means you can listen to your favorite playlists, podcasts and audiobooks with total freedom of movement.

– X-SHOCK earbuds offer 60 hours of playback with the supplied charging case

– Waterproof, sweat-proof design with safety lights for commuting after dark

– Superior Bluetooth sound, and compatible with Google Now and Siri

Listen to the Sound

When you’re trying to work or just jogging around the park, it’s nice to be free from cables. But most music lovers wouldn’t sacrifice sound quality for this convenience.

That’s why SOUL Electronics, the folks behind X-SHOCK, have paid great attention to audio. These earphones deliver outstanding wireless sound thanks to special gold-plated antennae. Meanwhile, the design promotes natural noise isolation, helping to enrich the already impressive sound.

[tweet_box]The X-SHOCK true wireless earphones offer superior sound quality and 60 hours of battery life with the supplied charging case[/tweet_box]

If that wasn’t enough, these earphones will auto-connect with your phone. You can use them to ask Google Now or Siri, and make hands-free phone calls.

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Safety First

Aside from the long list of features mentioned above, the X-SHOCK earphones actually look after your safety.

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That sounds kind of weird, but they genuinely help by improving your visibility after dark. Each earpiece has an embedded LED light, which shines through the clear plastic design. If you’re cycling home at night, this could be a real help.

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Playback Galore

The case that comes with the X-SHOCK earphones doubles as a wireless charging dock. What’s more, it has 3000mAh to give. This rechargeable power bank lets you keep listening throughout the day.

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In fact, SOUL states that you can recharge your earphones 18 times over using the case alone. As a result, you can expect 60 hours of playback on the go.

How long the earphones will last between refills isn’t quite so clear. SOUL lists the standby time as 200 hours, but playback is more pertinent. Simple math suggests that the earphones should last over 3 hours, but this is just guesswork.

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Ergonomic Design

What isn’t in doubt is the versatility of these earphones. Thanks to a waterproof and sweat-proof design, you can enjoy your favorite tracks while you run through the rain.

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Furthermore, the ergonomic design should ensure that the X-SHOCK earpieces stay in your ears. You actually get several sizes of ear tips to guarantee a snug fit.

“Introducing the X-SHOCK, an all-new state-of-the-art waterproof true wireless earphone with safety built in mind.  Along with the longest playtime of any wireless earphone on the market, safety LEDs ensure that you will be able to enjoy evening workouts safely.  The X-SHOCK provides you with the ultimate listening experience. The true wireless design keeps you connected to all your mobile’s features wirelessly through the X-SHOCK.” — SOUL Electronics on IndieGoGo

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What We ❤️

Smart design choices and that excellent battery bank.

Future Designs

Battery life is pretty important, so we would like to see those specs — and maybe a future upgrade.


– IndieGoGo: Until December 11th

– Pledge: $99 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow Members get free BT Earbuds

– Delivery: December 2017

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