Lumo Lift Empowers the Confidence in You by Eliminating Faulty Body Postures

Lumo Lift Empowers the Confidence in You by Eliminating Faulty Body Postures

Technology may have advanced into a whole new world of incredible innovations with the advent of the computer, but there lies an undoubted truth that this has also led to a widespread health problem amongst the youth. Infact, statistical records show that 9,000,000 youngsters could be a victim of musculoskeletal disorders due to tech use even before they join the workforce in the near future. Again, when Lumo conducted a survey of around 2000 American adults on how technology was impacting their health, they came up with some shocking results – A vast 60% of survey respondents reported that they were facing adverse health issues because of their constant use of technology or sitting at a desk. Lumo called this the “Silicon Valley Syndrome” and saw it as a sign of technology being abused on a large scale. The fact that constant slouching on the desk could lead to a massive health disorder may still seem to be surprising but if you look at it carefully, an average computer worker could easily spend 48,360 hours sitting at work over a 30-year career. Slouching for that period of time could indeed be dangerous!

But this is the internet age where from writing intuitive articles to unleashing the powers of web design, simple chatting on social media or long hours spent on watching latest Youtube flicks, everything happens on the web. The “world without web” is simply not happening anymore. There needs to be a solution which connects human beings with the internet more efficiently without the clouds of “slouching” hovering nearby. This is because humans have evolved to stand tall and confident, just as Darwin’s theory of evolution says. From the slouched and meek Heidelberg man we have evolved into strong and courageous homo sapiens with a tall and straight body posture that gives a surge in positive hormones helping us stay confident all the time. The internet era cannot take us back from this age of confidence and Lumo Lift from Lumo BodyTech makes sure it doesn’t.


Smart Sensing Improving the Health of Tech Savvy Youngsters

Having started their mission on helping tech-savvy youngsters improve their health and fitness way back in 2011 with their smart sensors and software, this team of talented Stanford entrepreneurs has made Lumo Lift CES 2014’s biggest wearable tech surprise as suggested by GottaBeMobile. Lumo Lift, unlike their previous product Lumo Back which concentrated on the lower spinal cord, is an extensive activity tracker that detects the curvature on the upper part of your spine and provides real-time feedback on the same thus resulting in better awareness on correct body posture amongst individuals. But the good news is that the end result of both happens to be the same, as told by co-founder and CEO Monisha Perkash on Techcrunch. “Adjusting based on improper posture at the top of the spine ultimately straightens the entire skeletal system.” So, for those who have been suffering from terrible backaches due to increased slouching and long hours of constant sitting at work, Lumo Lift comes as a sleek, minimally designed, tiny paradise that promises to take you out of the twisted world of slumps and show you the ultimate abode of confidence and strength. The 31 million Americans who experience low-back pain at any given time and have spent at least $50 billion each year on backaches can now get “lifted” into this new world of healthy living through correct body postures.

One of the most useful gadgets for today’s tech generation, Lumo Lift’s magnetic sensor ensures to warn you every time your upper body slouches through its gentle reminder in the form of a vibration. The magnetic clasp and miniature size makes Lumo Lift a comfortable wearable gadget on any part of the upper body either in the form of a jewellery (the ten colors in which Lift is available are just magnificently stylish!) or hidden under the clothes. It’s as the team rightly says on their homepage, a destination “where fashion meets function”. Who would not want to get nudged into standing tall and confident with a cool gadget like this!


The Mobile App Adds to the “Bad Posture” Elimination Spirit

This isn’t all of it, Lumo Lift also operates with a free mobile app that tracks all your postures, notifies you as and when you go wrong with the body position and also rewards you for abiding by the good posture rules. To add to this, if you want some additional extra boosters at times, what you may do is just turn on the Power Up mode on Lumo Lift and experience the magic henceforth. Finally, the app also keeps a track of your progress with time and offers you insights and recommendations of improvement based on it.

That being the uniqueness of Lumo Lift, the team has also incorporated a normal fitness tracker into it for detection of physical activities and movements that you have undergone during the day. So, be it your steps, calories and mileage, Lift gives you the ultimate feeling of stepping forward in life as the true confident you. A stunning appearance booster that makes you look better and stand up tall to your goals in life, Lumo Lift has proved its importance by reaching its funding goal within 4 days of going live. Now, at a price of $79.99, Lumo Lift is all set to walk its way into the world this Spring 2014 and make you live strong and powerful, devoid of bad postures! Happy Gadgeting!

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