Made by Google 2018 Highlights – Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Google announced a variety of new hardware and software updates during the Made by Google event in New York. Introducing the all-new Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub.

Made by Google 2018 Highlights – Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Google Home Hub
  • What are some of the best products from Google? Over the years, Google has gone to the next level by putting their software in hardware to create some of the best on the market.
  • What are the three new products announced at the Made by Google Event 2018? The event introduced 3 new devices – Google Pixel 3, Google Home Hub, and the Google Pixel Slate.
  • Did they announce any accessories? They did – the Pixel Stand is a wireless charger for the Pixel 3 that transforms the UI to help you sleep, wake up, and get information at a glance.

This year marks Google’s 20th anniversary and, naturally, we didn’t expect anything less than incredible from the Made by Google Event. With three back-to-back smart devices to simplify your life, Google has truly proved their worth by winning 45 design awards this year.

Introducing the three new AI-powered hardware devices from Google:

Google Pixel 3

With a new etching process and seamless design, the new Pixel 3 takes the Android smartphone game one step further by featuring an even bigger screen and even better high-quality camera.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3

– Feels great to the touch and lightweight in your hand

– New etching process gives you both matte and glossy surfaces on the same curved back

– The Pixel 3 comes in three colors and in two versions: Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

– The XL comes with an edge-to-edge display measuring 6.3 inches while the Pixel 3 is 5.5 inches, which is bigger than previous models

– Front speakers have 40% better sound quality than the Pixel 2

– Comes with a free 6-month YouTube Music subscription

– The camera offers HDR Plus to offer several shot exposures for a brighter and crisper final image

– Top Shot helps you select the best frame for your photo from alternate shots

– Super Res Zoom will shoot a burst of photos during zoom to give you closer details with less grain

– Night Sight uses similar technology to create the perfectly exposed image without flash

– Google Selfie Cam is the second camera on the front which zooms out to get 184% more coverage than the iPhone Xs

– Playground AR stickers make your images more vibrant and personalized

– Google Lens integrated directly in Pixel 3

– Other features include Photobooth Mode, Autofocus, and Unlimited Storage on Google Photos

– Take things off your plate by using Duplex Technology

– Call Screen feature lets you view caller information so you can screen calls

– Flip to Shhh will mute sound and notifications – all you need to do is just place your phone upside down on a surface

– The Pixel Stand works as a wireless charger for your Pixel 3 and adjusts the UI to make Google Assistant access easy and hassle-free

– Available for pre-order at $799 (Oct 18, 2018)

– Google Pixel Stand will be available for pre-order at $79

Google Pixel Slate Tablet

Combining the helpful elements of a computer, phone, and tablet in one, the Pixel Slate Tablet is beautifully designed for work and play.

Google Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate

– Powerful productivity in mobile form

– Beautiful lines with rounded-edges in midnight blue

– Stunningly detailed display to make watching movies a fantastic experience

– The display features 293ppi and 6 million pixels

– Custom display with low temperature and polychoron technology to make it more vibrant with a brilliant resolution

– The dual-front speakers deliver sound to you rather than to the environment around you

– Custom-designed audio profile for crisp highs and deep lows

– Great device for cord cutters as it comes with three free months of YouTube TV

– The front and rear both have 8MP cameras to give you great photos, including Portrait Mode

– Wide-angle lens makes video easier and effortless

– UI means you can hold Chrome OS in your hands

– Split Screen feature lets you multi-task between screens

– Google Assistant works even better to make your daily experience super easy

– Do Not Disturb and Night Light features will help you wind down at the end of the day

– Hassle-free security with built-in virus protection and automatic updates in the background

– Titan Security chip gives enhanced security

– Power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor

– It works with the Pixel Slate Keyboard – this full-size backlit keyboard connects to the tablet in a snap and features a folio design that you can adjust to unlimited angles (and also doubles as a case)

– Slate uses the full desktop Chrome browser to let you open as many tabs as you need

– Adobe Acrobat comes on Pixel Slate to add PDFs and work on documents easily

– Available for pre-order at $599

– The keyboard is available for pre-order at $199

Google Home Hub

Made to fit in with your home aesthetic, the Google Home Hub is a display that offers personalized responses and shows the state of your entire smart home at once.

Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub

– Google Home queries increased by 400% in the last year

– With Google Home Hub, you can view Search, YouTube, Photos, Maps, Recipes, Calendar, and more from an interactive display

– It comes with softly rounded corners, quality materials, and your choice of four colors

– No camera on this hub to value privacy and security

– The Google Home Hub responds to ambient light in any room thanks to Ambient EQ – it automatically fine-tunes the brightness of the display and blends it with the natural light around you

– Automatically turns its screen off at night

– By using Voice Match, the Google Home Hub can recognize who’s speaking and can personalize its responses and results accordingly

– Google Home Hub comes with six free months of YouTube Premium subscription

– Downtime mode to make sure you can snooze notifications as and when required

– With filters, you can make sure it only shows family-friendly content

– Home View shows you the state of your home and smart devices with a quick glance

– It works seamlessly with Nest and other smart devices to take home automation to the next level

– Deep integration with Google Photos means it doubles as a cool display of your favorite albums

– Available for pre-order starting from $149 (Oct 27. 2018)

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation

After three years, Google’s streaming dongle finally got an upgrade.

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation

– It is 15% faster than before

– It streams 60fps video at 1080p instead of 720p

– Plays music in sync with other speakers connected to Google’s smart devices

– App-related streaming, not TV related

– Available for $35

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