Maicat is a companion robot cat that adapts easily to your life and home

Want a pet at home but don't have enough time or space? Check out the Macroact Maicat. This cute companion robot cat has smarts and adapts to your lifestyle.

Maicat is a companion robot cat that adapts easily to your life and home
Macroact Maicat playing with its owner

Bring an adorable companion into your life while maintaining a busy schedule with the Macroact Maicat. This companion robot cat has AI intelligence that allows it to have empathetic experiences with you, just like a real pet. Even better, it self-charges and is ready to interact right out of the box.

You’d love to have a pet at home. But, if you work late and live in a small apartment, you know it’s not the ideal environment for an animal.

But that’s just fine for Maicat. This companion robot adapts to any lifestyle and space.

Macroact Maicat in a video

Interact with your own robot pet

Think you can’t interact with a robot cat? Think again. Maicat’s AI technology allows it to understand and adapt to its surroundings.

In fact, with your love and care, Maicat learns about its home and becomes part of the family. Sounds incredible, no? Let’s look at the ways this robot pet integrates into your life.

Macroact Maicat companion AI robot cat
Macroact Maicat playing with a blanket

Get a robotic cat that recognizes emotions

With advanced facial, voice-pattern, and emotional recognition, Maicat actually senses your emotions, much like a real cat. So It can tell if you’re in a great mood and want to play or are stressed and could use a cuddle.

Over time, it forms a bond with you based on these emotional interactions. These interactions, in turn, help form Maicat’s personality.

Macroact Maicat companion AI robot cat
Macroact Maicat playing with toys

Add a new member to the family

What’s more, Maicat isn’t just a robotic toy that recognizes only you. No, like a real cat or dog, this companion robot recognizes faces and recalls past experiences with different people.

So, if your friends visit frequently, Maicat will begin to trust and know them over time, going to them for play and interaction. It also recognizes other members of the household like your partner or kids.

Macroact Maicat companion AI robot cat
Macroact Maicats in white and black

Connect Maicat with your smart home devices

But Maicat isn’t just a companion pet. It can also work with smart home appliances in many ways. According to the company, third-party developers can design apps and software that trigger different reactions from Maicat.

There are already some pretty amazing ones, including a Security Mode. When it’s activated, you’ll get a notification if Maicat detects someone in your house who it doesn’t recognize, working as a home security gadget.

Introduce your robot pet to any environment

Macroact Maicat companion AI robot cat
Microact Maicat in a living room

Whether you live in a studio apartment downtown or a sprawling house in the suburbs, this companion robot cat can adapt to its surroundings because, according to the company, Maicat has already been trained virtually.

So it knows certain things that allow it to adapt to an environment before experiencing it in the real world. This reduces the robot’s development process and increases its adaptability.

Adaptations are made through SLAM and path planning using virtual topography. With this prior training, Maicat arrives with a well-honed instinct.

Learn about the robot’s layered intelligence system

So how exactly does Maicat’s advanced AI work? The company’s Kickstarter page says that the companion robot pet has a layered intelligence system that allows it to participate in human activities.

The system is divided into 3 tiers: high, middle, and lower. In the high tier, intelligence from sensors like the camera, gyro, range-finder, microphone, etc. get sorted and transmitted to the middle tier.

The middle tier then analyzes that raw data. It selects an action depending on Maicat’s current status—its mood depending on the time of day and friendliness of people around it.

Finally, the lower tier triggers a mechanical function depending on the middle tier’s analysis. This tier is in charge of motion and stability while Maicat is working.

Go for a robot cat that relies on reinforcement learning

Interestingly, Maicat has an improved learning speed thanks to Macroact’s award-winning data set analysis. Macroact consistently demonstrates a willingness to produce advanced robot cats with high-quality software.

To develop its software, the company also looked at animal dynamics data. In fact, it analyzed 24,000 frames of live cat video to give Maicat more cat-like behaviors.

Choose a robot cat designed for your convenience

While this companion robot cat has plenty of smarts, it also keeps convenience in mind. So its plastic body is smooth and easy to clean. Then, the size and weight make Maicat easy to move and transport.

The Maicat also has a good range of motion for all its limbs, keeping it stable and balanced during movement. And, of course, Maicat is cuddly and cute, just like a real cat.

Read our final thoughts

If your schedule and location don’t allow for pet ownership, consider the Macroact Maicat. It learns your home, family, and emotions and adapts to them, just like a real cat would. For interactive fun that even enhances your home security, the Maicat makes a great choice.

Preorder the Maicat for $999 on Kickstarter. Would you buy a robot pet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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