Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021

Massage guns are of great interest to those seeking to relieve muscle tension and soreness. Are they any good? Which ones are worth buying? Read on to find out more!

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
Massage guns are great for reducing muscle tension

We all know the benefits massages have on relieving muscle tension and pain. They can help reduce knots and decrease stress. Unfortunately, getting a massage every day can be impractical, if not expensive. Massage guns are a great alternative.

No longer reserved for top-tier athletes and physical therapy, massage guns have been widely adopted by the general public. It’s easy, of course, to look at these gadgets with a certain degree of skepticism. After all, how could they really compare to a legitimate massage? But you can be assured that these massage guns, with their vibration therapy, are pretty compelling.

On the surface, massage guns look and operate similarly to a power drill. A head attachment with the shape of a small round ball moves and vibrates as you press it on the needed area. Generally, and depending on which massager you use, you can change the speed and intensity of the device. And there are many kinds of additional attachments you can find amongst the massagers out there. Some even offer features that introduce heat to the mix!

The research on this subject is continuous. The role massagers play in recovery could be that they bring blood flow to the problem area or focus the brain’s attention on the tension to release it. Perhaps there’s some other way these devices work with the body to assist with pain and healing. Either way, many have found relief from massage and percussion therapy, which these nifty gadgets provide.

It seems that it all comes down to which product you choose and how you use it. Let’s explore some of the fantastic options on the market right now.

Wahl Deep Tissue Massager

For a gentle massage, you might enjoy the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager. It has a wand-style handle with a speed dial and 5 adjustable heads. You can use the variable speed dial to set the intensity, which can be particularly helpful if you need a bit more power. Sometimes it takes more to get through to those deeper layers.

While the Wahl doesn’t come with a built-in battery, it does come with a 9-foot power cord. This ensures that you have that extra wiggle room you need if an outlet isn’t immediately next to your bed or couch. The downside to a power cord, of course, is that there’s also more potential for entanglement, which may be irritating. In regards to the weight of the device, the Wahl comes in at about 2.5 lbs, so it isn’t very heavy at all.

The Wahl Deep Tissue Massager is an affordable device that’s great for gentle massages. Still, for those looking to get in a little deeper, you’ll want to look at some of the other devices on our list.

You can get the Wahl Deep Tissue Massager for $39.99 on the official website.

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
Wahl Deep Tissue massage gun can reach difficult areas

TimTam Power Massager

The TimTam Power Massager was created to give amazing percussion massages to athletes on the move. In fact, it was even designed by athletes. Regardless, you certainly don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy this mobile option.

The Power Massager is lightweight, and operating it is as straightforward as it gets! It has an industrial-grade motor, capable of 2,500 strokes per minute, and 40 minutes of battery life. It weighs only 2.2 lbs, so don’t worry about those weary arms getting any more tired than they already are. There’s also a carrying case, making transporting it that much easier between locations. This is an especially convenient factor for athletes who tend to move around a lot.

A drawback for this model is its lack of massage heads (there’s literally only one), and the battery life could be a little better. However, for a device focused on portability, it makes sense that it’s scaled down somewhat. Overall it’s a great massager for fast relief on the fly.

The TimTam Power Massager is available from the official website for $250.

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
TimTam power massage gun is easy to transport

Theragun Prime

Stated to be 70% quieter than its predecessors, the Theragun Prime is undoubtedly among the best massage guns out there. To lower its noise profile, it uses a QX65 Motor with Quietforce Technology. After all, if you’re already stressed and in need of a massage, you don’t want a loud device screaming in your ear. Yikes!

The Theragun Prime comes with 4 separate attachments that help reach different muscle groups. With 5 speed settings, it can provide anywhere from 1,750 to 2,400 percussions per minute. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. It’s even supported by apps like Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Apple Health. This way, you’ll be able to get recommendations for more productive use. This is a nice feature that’s often missing from the competition.

With 2 hours of battery time, health app connectivity, and quiet motor tech, this is a great option you shouldn’t overlook. You won’t go wrong by adding this to your list of potential buys.

The Theragun Prime is available from the official website for $299.

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
Theragun Prime massage gun features Quietforce Technology

Legiral Le3 Massage Gun

With more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon, the Legiral is clearly a popular pick. In fact, many of those reviews are from bodybuilders, weightlifters, and active people who found relief from its effectiveness.

There are 20 different speeds available on the Legiral. It comes with 5 changeable attachments so you can find the right fit for the muscle group in need. While it’s perfectly comfortable for first-timers, its setting options accommodate those who need more.

How about the battery? You can expect anywhere from 2 to 6 hours of battery life from its 2,500 mAh battery. The mileage you get from the battery will largely depend upon the way in which you use it.

It can be a bit on the heavy side for extended sessions and loud for those sensitive to the noise, but it’s still a great product to check out. With so many positive customer reviews on Amazon, it’s easy to see that the cons don’t overshadow the pros.

The Legiral Le3 Massage Gun is available from the official website for $99.99.

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
Legiral Le3 massage gun comes with five head attachments

Lifepro Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massage Gun

What’s better than a regular massage gun? A massage gun that uses heat! When combined, heat and massages can assist in relieving pain and sometimes even promote healing.

The Lifepro Fusion FX uses a heating component that gets warm very quickly. The heat can stimulate blood flow to the muscles in need. While the swappable head attachments don’t retain heat for very long, they’re still an added benefit. The Fusion FX has 5 different heads and 5 speed adjustment settings. As far as battery life goes, the Fusion offers 5 hours of battery life and can charge in under 3 hours. Rotating sessions and charges should be a breeze with this one.

It’s also worth noting that it’s a bit lower on the intensity scale, but, if that’s less important to you, then this might be one to check out!

The Lifepro Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massage Gun is available from the official website for $229.99.

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
Lifepro Fusion FX massage gun brings the heat

Theragun PRO

If you’re looking for a more professional and high-end massage gun, look no further than the Theragun PRO. The Theragun PRO is good enough that it can accommodate the most active and athletic among us. It can even go much deeper into muscle than its competitors, by as much as 60%!

The Theragun PRO has multiple arm adjustments so you can reach places that might otherwise be difficult. Its 5 different speed settings help you find the right amount of pressure for the right area of muscle. The device is also ergonomically made and includes Active Torque Control to effectively deliver a more thorough treatment.

While it’s a bit louder and more expensive than other options, this is one of the best on the market. Well worth a spot on your short list.

The Theragun PRO is available from the official website for $599.

Are massage guns worth it? Here are the best ones to buy in 2021
Theragun PRO massage gun is an all-around great option

Still having trouble deciding which to buy? This will help.

With so many great options, it can be challenging to arrive at a conclusion. While we can’t decide for you, perhaps we can make it a little easier. Here are some things to consider when choosing the massage gun that’s right for you.

The first question is what do you need your massage gun for? Are you looking for something that helps with everyday wear on your back, like the typical achy muscles from office or home life? Or perhaps you need one to relieve the pain that comes with extreme activity, like sports or physical labor.

The next question is what you need or expect from the overall profile of the device. For example, do you need something bigger? Smaller? Maybe you don’t mind a heavier model or prefer a lightweight one. The ability to hold the massager for long periods of time or its portability will be factors worth considering.

How to choose massage gun head attachments

Something else worth considering is the amplitude. This is important because it impacts the massager’s ability to deliver more or less intensity during the massage. Speed and the ability to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue can be important for more severe issues. It also plays into the device’s ability to promote blood circulation, which can be helpful for healing.

Lastly, battery life is essential as well. This will probably be less of a problem for those looking for a quick session lasting under an hour. However, those in need of longer massaging sessions will surely want a device that can stay powered for longer. While some models have cords that plug into an outlet, not everyone will appreciate the potential entanglement. Solid battery life will be that much more critical in your decision.

There are, of course, other things worth looking at. These range from the assortment of head attachments to the many other bells and whistles these devices may include (like the Lifepro Fusion FX’s heating feature, for example). Ultimately you’ll need to identify your needs and go from there. Either way, this list will provide a myriad of potential massagers for you to explore.

Did you find one that you love? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear about it.

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