MaxStone Wants to Simplify the Camera Experience for Everybody…And It Succeeds and Throws in Some Extra Tricks!

MaxStone Wants to Simplify the Camera Experience for Everybody…And It Succeeds and Throws in Some Extra Tricks!

As a person with interest in photography but lacking the technical knowledge, it’s a bit difficult for me to use a DSLR properly when trying to take simple photos. Throw in an attempt to set a timer to get myself in the shot and you have a very frantic individual running around like a madman trying to get everything to work properly. On more than one occasion, I’ve realized that some sort of camera remote for the shutter would cure quite a few headaches. Today, I’m happy to tell you about a little product that helps with that problem and quite a few more. It’s called the MaxStone by MaxMax, it’s red and black (my favorite color combo), and it is a fantastic little thing that has drastically improved my DSLR and smartphone experience.



The main use of the MaxStone is as a remote shutter control. First, in order for this to work with your DSLR, it has to have an IR remote mode. There are quite a few different models that can work with the MaxStone so chances are that you have a model that will work but it’s worth checking your camera first before purchasing.

You set up the MaxStone with an app on your smartphone, both iOS and Android work. All you have to do is push the button on the MaxStone after you’ve downloaded the app and it will work for at more than 300 days straight without needing to be changed, which is just fantastic. No need to worry about recharging another gadget.



Once you have it set up, there are two basic ways to use it as a remote shutter. The first is as a remote shutter for your smartphone. Set your smartphone and focus it in the position you desire, step away and click the button on the MaxStone and it will take a picture for you. Handy for taking pictures by yourself. The other use is as a remote shutter for your DSLR. Attach the MaxStone via the cord to your DSLR and use your smartphone as a remote. Pretty convenient and useful for any situation where you’re by yourself and want to be part of the picture.

However, that’s not all the MaxStone does and that’s why it’s such an amazing device. The app allows for different professional photography features that helped me feel a bit more capable. Granted, the app does the work and I don’t really do anything but still, it’s great to have easy access to such options. It’s also a Bluetooth tag, you can attach it via the cord and track it via the app. In the end, you get a fantastic little device that does multiple useful things, all on a battery that will last almost a different year. I highly recommend it, it’s useful, easy to carry, and cheap. Go get a MaxStone!

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