The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is the Pocket Sized Printer That WIll Get the Job Done Wherever You Are

Have you ever been stuck in a place where you have no easy access to a printer but you absolutely need something printed immediately? I know I have, whether it’s work or school related, I always have an issue every week where I am sitting in my room and I need something printed quickly but I’d rather not have to traverse campus to the computer lab to print one piece of paper. Even worse is when I’m traveling and I’m in the airport and I need something printed, there’s no easy solution to get a whatever I need printed. The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer has finally brought the printer into the modern technology age and looks pretty good doing it.

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The first thing you’ll notice about this printer is that it doesn’t look like a printer at all. The design is so sleek, futuristic, and ambiguous at the same time that people will wonder if you just have a cool looking paperweight. The tapered design also has a purpose in reminding the user where to place it, you simply place it in the upper left hand corner and have the tapered end point to that corner. A conscious design choice with a purpose, brilliant!

What hides underneath the striking design is the magic and ingenuity of the Mini Printer. It has an omnidirectional wheel set that enable it to turn in any direction at any point and make the printing process efficient and quick. While it does take the little guy a bit longer than a normal printer to spit out the same job, the benefit of mobility will make printing possible where it never was possible before.


Works Where You Work!

You can take the Mini Printer anywhere. It will fit right in your backpack with your chargers and devices and provides something that has never been available outside of the tedious process of setting up a printer in a new area. I work in IT and printers can be fickle machines sometimes for no particular reason. While this can be said of most devices, most of those other devices have yet to be transformed into a properly functioning mobile version of itself. The price is pretty cheap and the first iteration only prints in grayscale but I have a feeling that the guys behind the Mini Printer have bigger plans for future versions than they are letting on. Check them out on Kickstarter, they’re so close to reaching their goal!

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