Mixfader Can Help Everyone Master the Art of Becoming a DJ

Mixfader Can Help Everyone Master the Art of Becoming a DJ

Watching a DJ mix and match your music is absolute bliss. In fact, I often wonder how they are able to produce such extraordinary sound effects from those bulky DJ’ing accessories with such grace and ease. Not to mention the immense dedication that goes behind mastering this art of mixing music in a way that’s pleasing for the ears and nothing like cacophony. But till date, we all thought that this skill cannot be mastered unless you have the perfect DJ’ing accessories with you. Most of them aren’t affordable and requires a lot of prior training for the amateurs. So does this mean you just keep watching a DJ perform the art forever and never get a chance to try your hands on mixing music? Uhm…The answer to that would have probably been a “Yes” from my end if I hadn’t come across Mixfader – The world’s first connecting device for becoming a DJ. Before I discuss more on the details, let me just say that this isn’t a fad. It’s more a revolution for those who wish to become a DJ or are already mastering the art in some form or another.

Empowering Tool for Aspiring and Professional DJs

Mixfader is an excellent DJ mixing and scratching tool that comes from the sound engineers of DJIT in collaboration with professional turntablists. It’s not an ordinary gadget and can be used well even under professional environments. The best aspect of this tool is that it gives anyone and everyone the power to mix and scratch their favorite music and eventually get their hands on DJ’ing like a pro.

Mixfader on Kickstarter

All of us know that DJ equipments are expensive but Mixfader isn’t. The pricing starts at $53 which gives you the world’s first connected crossfader provided with a dedicated DJ app. That entire bulky turntable setup will now reduce to your smartphone or tablet and one classic looking Mixfader on the tabletop. You can carry it anywhere and set up a perfect party mood on the go. A great mix is no longer confined to an expensive setup or transportation problems.

Mixfader connected device for DJs

Start Mixing Music Like a Pro

It comes with a 10 hour battery life and a Bluetooth connectivity to help you enjoy a wireless setup everywhere you go. You can fast charge it in about 25 mins with the design being extremely portable. What really had my attention was the finishing of silver aluminium that does look pretty eye-catching for gizmo addicts like us. The level of creativity you get to experience with Mixfader is limitless.


You just have to move it back and forth to pass from one piece of music to another, cut or even create new rhythmic sounds. Both the device and the corresponding mobile app for Android or iOS is easy to use so that amateurs can learn faster. There are tutorials to help you perfect your skills in order to reach a professional level. If you thought you cannot liven up parties with a perfect music mix, think twice now!

Tested With Professional DJs and Turntablists

In order to maintain precision and better performance, the team paired with professional DJ’s and turntablists, such as 9 O’Clock – twice world champions at the DMC World DJ Championship. What they have achieved by doing so is a latency of just 5 ms which is wow!

Mixfader and 9'o'clocks

Quoting them from their Kickstarter page, “This means that you can mix and scratch with a wirelessly connected device with a latency imperceptible to the human ear. This “ultra-low latency” technology developed by our engineers has just been patented. It is a world first: DJIT has developed the product that records the lowest latency level on Bluetooth®.” Here’s the 9 O’Clock team in action with Mixfader:

You can choose among the four DJ setups Mixfader offers which is Rookie (Mixfader + smartphone), Intermediate (Mixfader + Tablet), Advanced (Mixfader + Smartphone and/or Tablet) and Expert (Mixfader + Turntables). Post their campaign on Kickstarter, the team has a projected shipping date of November, 2015.


So hurry up and book your Mixfader now! I can’t wait to try my DJ’ing skills sometime soon (Not sure whether they’ll be that pleasing for your ears!). Happy Gadgeting!

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