This mobile office has everything you need on the go

Remote work is becoming more and more popular. And for good reason. Companies are able to choose from a wider range of qualified candidates when they can look outside of their immediate area. In fact, many companies now have employees spread out across the planet.

This mobile office has everything you need on the go
Organize your mobile workstation to fit your specific needs

If you’re lucky enough to work remotely, you’re in a unique position. It can often be the best and worst thing simultaneously. When you’re at home, it’s easy to become distracted by something you need to do around there. But, you’re also at home. In your pajamas. Sometimes, it’s essential to get out of the house to jumpstart your creativity, and now there’s a mobile office to help.

When you’re at home, you have everything you need, right where you need it. Whether you’re working in a dedicated office you’ve set up, at your kitchen table, or on the couch, you probably have your own setup. Everything you need is within reach, and you feel comfortable there.

A mobile office setup on a white desk with a tablet, pens, and AirPods.

Keep everything you need, right where you need it

But when you want to go work somewhere else, it can be challenging to take everything with you. There are cords and chargers to bring, and your stuff is spread out all over the place. If you’re looking to take the show on the road and change your surroundings, you need Co/Studio: A Portable Workstation for a Mobile Lifestyle.

Make any space yours with this mobile office

Say goodbye to being spread out on a small table in your favorite coffee shop. This portable desk organizer will help you keep it together and keep you from losing things. Stop that pen from constantly rolling off the table, and keep your AirPods nearby with this organizer.

Are you someone who takes notes on Post-Its and then refers back to them as you’re working on a project? You can even use the privacy shield as a bulletin board of sorts and set it up behind or next to your tablet or laptop. Or, you can clearly delineate that your space is yours and let people know that you don’t want to be bothered. Because there’s always a chatty Kathy nearby.

Don’t worry about finding a seat

Finding a seat in the cafe, local pub, or airport restaurant to work at can be the worst. It can be a pain to find a place near an outlet, and if you’re going to be working for any amount of time, you’re going to need an outlet. Or you’ve found a seat near an outlet, but it means that you have a cord stretched across the floor to an outlet. And even when you warn people it’s there, there’s always that one person who has their face buried in their phone, and they trip over it.

A laptop is on a white surface, and there is a power bank, a pen, and a black divider around the the laptop.

Maintain your privacy when you use the pad as a divider

With Co/Studio, you can choose whichever seat you want and not have to worry about the annoying, clueless dude tripping over your stuff. Their 25,600 mAh battery is super powerful, and you won’t need to stress about it not having enough juice to keep you going. On a full charge, this battery’s capabilities are pretty amazing. It can charge up to five devices at once, and it has wireless charging capabilities. It will charge your phone about seven times, your laptop twice, and your AirPods about forty-five times. Like we said: amazing.

Find the configuration that works for you

Thanks to its unique design, the pad can work in a ton of different ways, so you can use it just how you need it. You can use the pad as a privacy shield or bulletin board for your notes. Prop your laptop up with it for more comfortable typing. Or use it as a tablet stand.

A white power bank with a smartphone and an AirPods case on it on a mobile office pad.

The Co/Studio power bank will charge up to five devices at once

This portable desk organizer pad only weighs a pound, and it’s only 0.1 inches thick. It’s easy to carry and easy to put in the configuration of your choice in just seconds.

It’s all about the accessories

As if the versatile pad and the power bank weren’t enough of a reason already to buy the Co/Station, they’ve added accessories that will make your mobile office even better. You’ll have a mouse pad, a wallet, and magnets.

A top-down view of office supplies on a black mobile office mat.

Keep all of your accessories organized with this portable desk organizer

Don’t worry about your mouse being on a rough, dirty table since you’ll have a mouse pad. And with the magnets, you have even more ways to turn your pad into a bulletin board full of whatever notes you need for what you’re working on. The magnets also help reinforce your pad when you’re using it as a divider, and they hold devices in smart stand mode.

The wallet helps you stay even more organized. Keep your money, cards, and ID in here when you’re on the go. It’s perfect for storing your phone and cords. And those Post-It pads or other small notebooks fit perfectly in here.

What we ❤️

The power bank is going to keep you going for a while. And not having to worry about how you’re going to keep everything charged while you’re working on the go is a huge relief. We also love the versatility of the pad. However you need to use it, you can. And being able to have your laptop or tablet in a more ergonomic position when you’re working away from home is a great feature.

What we would ❤️ to see in the future

This product is pretty awesome and will do just what it’s designed to do. Adding too many bells and whistles would take away from its ease of ease and mobility. It’s supposed to be simple. One thing that might be fun and a nice addition would be to have a wide range of colors available so that you can personalize your workspace a bit more.

Where you can get your Co/Studio mobile office

The good news is, this Kickstarter is fully funded. So you won’t need to worry about getting excited about a product that you may never receive. You can head on over to the Co/Studio Kickstarter and get your portable workstation for just $110. If you’re a remote worker, you’re going to want to snatch this up.

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