Most innovative robots we’ve seen in 2021 so far—Samsung Bot Handy, Koda AI, and more

Robots are such a controversial subject. One conspiracy is that they'll plot with one another to wipe out the entire human race. However, some people are excited about the idea of having a digital being to assist with chores, provide companionship, and make your life a little easier overall. If that's you, you're in the right place, because we're sharing some innovative robots we've spotted so far in 2021.

Most innovative robots we’ve seen in 2021 so far—Samsung Bot Handy, Koda AI, and more
Innovative robots of 2021

The last century has showcased some of the most advanced technological developments we’ve ever seen, and it’s unbelievable to think that the first Mac was invented in 1984. In the decades since, we’ve seen more gadgets released than ever. But, today’s roundup has more than just gimmicky accessories that look great but are otherwise futile; we’re sharing some of the most innovative robots launched recently that can potentially change your life.

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We included a diverse list of robots to suit everyone’s lifestyle. This includes a robot dog that acts just like a real pet (minus the mess). Or, for those with limited time, the Samsung Bot Handy can clean dishes and tidy your room without you lifting a finger. In today’s blog, you’ll discover some of the most intelligent robots to date powered by AI technology.

1. The Yardroid will mow your grass, water plants, kill weeds, deter pests, and more—giving you more time for the things you love.

If you dislike gardening, opt for one of the most innovative robots of 2021: Yardroid. This gadget won’t mow your lawn in just any direction, as it uses AI to plan its route and can even creative decorative lines. Moreover, it features a built-in camera so it attracts only weed plants and can distinguish between mammals and pests.

This intelligent landscaping robot is yet to be released and will cost $2,500.

2. Get relief from knee pain with the Roam Robotics Ascend. This is one of the most innovative robots for improving your well-being.

Roam Robotics Ascend wearable robotic

The Roam Robotics Ascend reduces any burden and pain on your knee while providing support with every movement. This wearable is great if you suffer from weak quadriceps, knee instability, osteoarthritis, or general pain. And, thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber shell, it’s comfortable to wear all day and won’t leave you restricted.

The release date and price for this wearable robot haven’t been announced yet.

3. Designed with AI, the Hills Engineering COROBOT releases UV rays for a cleaner environment in a large, open space like a school.

If you have a large commercial space, you can’t clean the entire surface area on your own. That’s where the Hills Engineering COROBOT comes into play. This innovative robot has an advanced multifunctional platform that carries out 3D disinfection. Moreover, it uses high-temperature sterilization and kills airborne bacteria.

This disinfection robot is available for $80,000.

4. The DOBOT MG400 is a collaborative robot that can help you with repetitive office tasks. It’ll even serve ice cream.

Need some extra assistance without bringing another employee into the office? The DOBOT MG400 is an innovative robot that’s great for loading and unloading, dispensing, inspection, and repetitive tasks. Additionally, it’s equipped with collision technology to bring it to a stop the second it touches an object.

Preorder yours for $2,699.

5. Get the helping hand you need at home with the Samsung Bot Handy. It can sort dishes and even tidy rooms, giving you free time.

Samsung Bot Handy smart home robot

The Samsung Bot Handy is one of the most innovative robots on this list. Thanks to AI technology, this gadget can recognize and pick up objects of different sizes, shapes, and weights. Furthermore, it features a single arm that can pivot at three points for maximum flexibility.

The price and release date for this gadget have yet to be announced.

6. KODA is a robot dog that interacts in the same way as a real dog. It can even climb stairs and walk on various terrain.

Want a pet minus the hard work and commitment? Then the KODA AI robot dog is for you. This innovative robot acts as an emotional companion. It also includes a 13-megapixel front-facing camera to see you and look at you. Impressively, it’s realistic and even has a tail that can wag.

Preorder your AI robot dog for $50,000 from the company’s official website.

7. Designed for commercial use, the Ubtech Adibot sanitizes large areas, such as schools and offices, using UV-C light. It’s one of the most innovative commercial robots.

Sanitize a large floor space with the Ubtech Adibot. In particular, it uses 360 degrees of light coverage to get every speck of dirt, and it even disinfects 99.9% of these targeted areas. It’s ideal for hospitals, doctors’ offices, and more.

This disinfecting robot’s release date and price have yet to be announced.

8. Allow the Samsung Bot Care to handle details of your life. It recognizes your behavior and learns your routine.

Incorporate the Samsung Bot Care into your daily routine. This useful robot sends you reminders to help you through a busy day. Most impressively, it can even memorize your daily activities, so it learns your routine. Thanks to its screen, you can interact with it and even video call friends.

The release date and price for this robotic assistant have yet to be announced.

9. The Moorebot Scout comes with advanced sensors and AI algorithms. It doesn’t have any blind spots for optimal viewing.

Moorebot Scout smart home robot

Use the Moorebot Scout for home surveillance or companionship. It’s a smart gadget that features an FHD camera with night vision to see clearly in the dark. It even features four Mecanum omnidirectional wheels to effortlessly move around your house and communicate what it sees when you’re not home.

Preorder this AI-powered smart home robot for $149.

Which of these innovative robots is the most impressive to you? Share your feedback in the comments.

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