This new multi-tool phone stand makes your life easier

Wouldn't it be great if there were an easier way to carry the things you need with you every day? I'm talking about useful things like a smartphone stand and your EDC items. Well, now there's an easier way to keep them at your side with the Keytool foldable phone stand. This is a phone stand that is so much more than a gadget to prop your phone.

This new multi-tool phone stand makes your life easier
Keytool Foldable Phone Stand in Color Options

As you go about your day, there are some items that you need to have with you. Like a smartphone stand to keep your phone propped while you work or have a video call. Or a SIM card removal key, just in case. A bottle opener, screwdriver, and a knife are also gadgets you want to keep nearby. The trouble is, it’s not always possible to have all of those things with you at once. They take up space in your backpack and are hard to keep track of. But what if there was one gadget that could combine them all? Luckily there is. It’s called the Keytool foldable phone stand , and it’s the multi-tool phone stand you never knew you needed.

Don’t be fooled by the name: this product is so much more than a phone stand. The size and shape of a Swiss army knife, the Keytool is just as handy, if not more. It combines a smartphone stand, knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, and SIM card removal tool in one foldable device. Best of all, the two-step open process is actually a safety feature that ensures these tools won’t pop open on their own. Available in Blue, Black, Silver, and Red, you can customize your Keytool to match your style.

This smartphone stand goes with you everywhere

Most smartphone stands are pretty standard; what you see is what you get. And what you get is a design that’s not very portable. The phone stand on this multi-phone stand, however, is different. It’s easy to open from the Keytool, and you can set your phone on it vertically or horizontally for flexible viewing options. The built-in magnetic, retractable design keeps this stand secure while it’s folded. So with the Keytool, you’ll have a phone stand that you can easily keep attached to your belt loop or hooked on to your bag for whenever you need it.

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand With a Smartphone

A knife is so useful

Whether you’re opening packages from Amazon or need to peel an apple for a toddler, it’s useful to have a knife that’s within easy reach. And this is precisely what you’ll get with Keytool. It includes a handy knife that you can use anytime, anywhere. And since this gadget has a keychain, you can keep this practical knife next to your keys. Best of all, this knife is pretty heavy-duty. It can sharpen a pencil and cut through plastic, aluminum cans, and sheets of wood. It’s an excellent tool for outdoor adventurers who might randomly need to cut rope or twigs during a hike.

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand in Silver

A two-step open design makes this EDC item safe

As I wrote earlier, you won’t have to worry about this multi-tool phone stand springing open on you. The two-step open process is a safety mechanism and ensures that these tools are safe to store in your pocket or bag.

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand in Blue

This practical pocket tool has a bottle opener

Everyone loves drinking a soda from those old-fashioned glass bottles. And ditto for the adult beverage in the same container. But the problem is, you need a bottle opener to crack them open because you can’t twist those caps off. With the Keytool, however, you’ll be prepared. This gadget comes with a bottle opener, so you’ll never be left with a bottle that you can’t open.

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand With the Bottle Opener

This multi-use tool comes with a screwdriver

Things break. And that’s why you need to have a screwdriver with you all the time. Glasses frames, electrical outlet plates, jewelry, and furniture all tend to bust while we’re using them. And that’s why you should have a screwdriver with you at all times, to fix those small but oh so essential items that can break when you need them the most. And this multi-tool phone stand includes one. This way, you won’t have to frantically shop for a new pair of sunglasses—or whatever it is—while you’re out.

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand

Keytool Foldable Phone Stand With the Screwdriver Tool

The Keytool foldable phone stand has some of the most useful EDC gadgets all in one foldable design. It’s an excellent gadget for busy professionals, parents, students, and the like. With this multi-tool phone stand, you really do have everything you need at your fingertips. And with the holidays coming up, I think it will make an excellent gift for that person in your life who’s always on the move or doing something new.

The Keytool foldable phone stand costs $59 and is available for preorder on Kickstarter.

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