Nanoleaf Aurora: Fantastic Fun With Smart LED Lighting

Nanoleaf Aurora: Fantastic Fun With Smart LED Lighting
Nanoleaf Aurora Home Setup

How do I describe the wonders of the Nanoleaf Aurora? Once you see it in action, you’ll want to have one on every wall. It doesn’t start as a necessity; you order one thinking, “Oh, this looks pretty cool, it should look nice on my wall.” You receive it, set it up, wondering if it was worth the effort and then you turn it on and it all makes sense. It suddenly becomes an essential piece of your smart home, you want one for every room, you’ll find excuses to turn it on no matter what’s happening. It’s the sports car you wanted but didn’t need but will find every excuse to drive it.

– Coolest implementation of smart lighting yet

– Cross platform compatibility

– Customizable

Nanoleaf Aurora: Fantastic Fun With Smart LED Lighting

The Features

The Aurora is a set of triangle shaped LED panels at its core. You attach the panels to the wall with double sided tape or other adhesive methods which are included for your convenience. Each panel can connect to other panels via removable connector pieces so you can arrange the panels however you like. There’s also a dock piece that attached to whichever panel is closest is to the ground so the power cord will travel the least amount of distance.

The Aurora is compatible with both iOS and Android but I did have some trouble with connectivity on the Android app. Don’t worry, all you need to do is download the beta app found on the Google Play listing towards the bottom. Trust me, you’ll want to get the beta app, the user experience is much improved and the connectivity issues are nonexistent.

Nanoleaf Aurora: Fantastic Fun With Smart LED Lighting

Build Quality

The Aurora is built well but it’s still fragile. It is, after all, a series of delicate lights encased in plastic so you don’t want to be throwing them around. However, they will survive a less than optimally handled installation process. Just be careful, the Aurora is too cool to damage!

Using The Aurora

After spending the time to carefully attach the Aurora to the wall, the next step is to set up the app. Again, I must emphasize the beta app on Android because at first, I was losing connection with the Aurora every 60 seconds or so. Once I switched to the beta app, all connection issues ceased and it was very easy to use. On iOS, the Aurora does work with Siri so you can use voice commands to turn it off which is awesome.

Each panel is separately color configurable so you can have any color on any panel. You save the color combinations with transitions as profiles and name them so you can access them with one touch at a later time. There are default profiles if you need inspiration; my personal favorite is called Flames.

Nanoleaf Aurora: Fantastic Fun With Smart LED Lighting

What We ❤️️

The Nanoleaf Aurora the coolest implementation of smart lighting yet. I can make designs with the hardware as well as with the software, I can activate it with my voice. I also love that the Nanoleaf team blessed me with an expansion pack for even more lighting fun so thanks again!

Future Designs/Desires

I wish Nanoleaf would come out with a device capable of syncing the Aurora lights to music…we’ll just have to wait and see.


– Best Buy: Now!

– Price: starting at $199.99

– Delivery: You can pay for next day shipping, wait a week or pick one up in store!

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